Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Week in Running: 3.21 to 3.27.11

Injury update: I incurred a setback this week, and I didn't even think I was really over doing it.  I was doing an easy fifty minutes on the treadmill and my foot kept feeling worse and worse.  When I got off it was throbbing.  Bad news here: a throbbing soreness for the whole next day ensued.  I think I have to completely shut it down for a solid week.  Do you know how incredibly hard this is to do?  It's nearly impossible and I'm not even one of those "streakers" who consider it sacrilege to take a day off.  I even like a day off, but a week off, that's, well, sacrilege.  I have an angel on one shoulder and a imp on the other, but I'm not even sure which one is which.  One guy is saying, "Be smart.  Take a week.  Let it heal."  The other is saying, "Don't be such a pansy.  Run through it.  It'll go away."  I hate primadonnas and don't want to be one myself.   One of my biggest fears is that I'm going to start losing fitness (I already know I lost some) and start gaining weight.  I eat too much as it is and I'm still just as hungry when I'm not running.  Move over Michelin Man.  You know, I have this t-shirt that I used to wear to races all the time.  On the back of it, it says, "The hardest part of running is not running."  Thems are some true words.  Tru dat, as Glenn would say.

Monday - 90 min bike / core2
Tuesday - 30 min bike + 5 1/2 mile jog / core
Wednesday - 80 min bike / chiro visit
Mika thinks that the FHL tendon might have had a tear in it.  Thus, the slow recovery.
Thursday - 10 min bike + 6 mile jog / core
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 20 min row / light lifting + core
Sunday - core and lifting

For the Week
11 1/2 running miles
210 mins biking
20 min rowing
2 lifting sequences

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