Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Week in not Running: 4.18 to 4.24.11

Monday - bike 100 min / core
biked in 2 sessions; pre and post marathon
Tuesday - bike 90 min / core
Wednesday - bike 60 min / core
Thursday - bike 40 min + elliptical 40 min
Friday - lift / leg core
Saturday - bike 60 min
Sunday - bike 65 min
For the Week
bike 415 mins
elliptical 40 min
4 core workouts
1 lift
Analysis: Went to Mika for treatment on the left foot.  Due to the slow recovery rate, the diagnosis has evolved into a split tear of the plantar fascia or FHL tendon.  This is bad news.  Very bad.  This injury could take up to 6 MONTHS to heal.  Bad news.  I can just feel myself getting more and more out of shape which every passing day.
Good news: I can participate in activities that keep the heel flat like the bike and elliptical.  Good news: I'm already 2 months into this debacle.  Mika also gave two suggestions: 1) a slight heel lift to place in my shoe and 2) a "sole" cushion insert that will allow for better cushion under the arch/heel where I'm feeling the pain.


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mrn said...

so sorry to hear you're injured...i actually came on here to ask if you wanted to participate in a karhu wear test/data collection session next week but it sounds like you're out! i'm still looking for two guys who wear size 9 who would be willing to participate in a 45-minute session on next wednesday the 4th at the boston athletic club. if you know of anyone could you please email me (or have them email me) at it would be a huge help. thanks and best wishes for your recovery!

KG said...

Meagan: thanks for thinking of me. I'll send the word out about the wear test. Keep up the good training.

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