Monday, May 2, 2011

James Joyce Ramble Video

Below is some amateur, and I stress amateur, video of the James Joyce Ramble 10K.  To avoid my commentary, click mute.

Clip one - opening straightaway
Clip two - approaching 3 miles
Clip three - exiting the school
Clip four - final straightaway

UPDATE: If you are having trouble accessing the videos, click here.  They take a few seconds to buffer but should work (I just tried it and it did).


DoubleJ said...

Dude, I thought I was pumped yesterday.....then this morning when I saw the news out of Pakistan I was even more pumped...but now...this is just insane. I need a youtube version of all of these fused together into one long play video please! it will be my new favorite piece of film footage of all time! Nice work kid! I love the 'every second counts' you threw out there on the end clip....couldn't have been more true.

Wilesthing said...

I can't view them for some reason (7:50 AM on Tuesday). Something about "Currently not available, try again later". Sounds like my wife!

KG said...

The above link also houses the video clips. DoubleJ: Maybe you could view them on the above platform and turn them into a melded YouTube video. I did try doing that at home but had trouble uploading, so did it this second-rate way. If I have time, I'll try to create one long clip out of the four, but feel free to try it as well. Bob: the above link may allow you to view the videos.

Great job you on the race you guys and congrats to CMS for a great team victory.

Wilesthing said...

Those worked! Awesome! You really were the 6th man out there on Sunday. I remember hearing you holler to JJ in the third clip and thinking, "Nice, JJ is right there."

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