Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gone Fishin

My buddy Monz chartered a boat to do some striped bass fishing on Saturday, so I took the day off from working out to test the sea legs.  Very happy to report that I didn't gaff.  Not everyone can say that.  The
Ave Maria allows for 2 fish per man.  We caught up to our limit and then caught and released for the rest of the morning.  The biggest we caught was a 45 pounder.  All said, we took home over a 100 lbs of fillets.  I guess overcast skies with a light rain makes for some good fishing weather.
Me and the boys w/ our catch
striped bass 30 - 35 lbs
What I learned: bananas are bad luck.  The captain and first mate were adamant about not allowing bananas on the boat and then went on to tell numerous stories of how bananas have jinxed fishermen and sailors alike.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Nice cow, dude!! I've been addicted to stripers for over 16 years now. You should come down to RI and slam some south shore linesiders. I'm going on a very similar trip in a few weeks with the Hammett clan. Can't wait. You've just added to my anticipation.


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