Monday, July 4, 2011

This Week in Running: 6.26 to 7.3.11

A quick note for those of you reading Beads of Sweat.  It's going on hiatus for a little bit.  It is complete and it will be back.  Now, onto the running.

Monday - 8 miles in 59:31 + core
Finished with a 7:19 and that felt about right.
Tuesday - 30 min bike
Off/recovery day
Wednesday - 8.25 miles in 60:31 + core
Felt good. Experienced in the hill in Pumpkin Hill Rd.  Lover's Leap State Park is gorgeous and this was one of those runs where you feel so blessed to be alive and running.
Thursday - 8.75 in 64:54 + core
Swedish Cabin Run w/ some extra.  Hesitant to call it 9 even though I'm feeling stronger and faster.  The foot is responding well but I am babying it with massage and ice.  Two good runs in a row.  Wore the Scott eRide MR3 for the first time today.  Not bad.
Friday - 50 min bike + core
Off/recovery day
Saturday - 12 in 91:02
Guessing the distance.  Some splits: 7:48, 7:11, 6:58, 7:30, ..., 7:16, 6:46, 13:45 (for two--obviously).   Longest run since the February injury.  Progressing in baby steps.
Sunday - 7 slow ones
Trying to go easy on the easy days and not worry about time.

For the Week
44 running miles
80 mins on bike
4 core workouts
Analysis: A good building week.

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Come on bro...Beads of Sweat!! Congrats on the running progress/success too.


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