Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Week in Running: 7.25 to 7.31.11

Monday - 10.75 in 80:17 + 30 min bike; core
Easy run w/ Ben and his friend at Moose Hill.  Felt good today.  The pace felt slow and easy.  A good sign.
Tuesday - 5 easy miles + easy bike; core w/ calf emphasis
I have been taking Tuesdays as a day off from running.  Today, I introduced a sixth day into the 7 day cycle.
Wednesday - 13.25 in 95:02 + easy bike; core
Nice medium run that progressed to 6:10, 6:17, 6:18 according to Martin's GPS.  This was a great run for Connor.  We saw Tedy Bruschi out there jogging and completely ignored him until it was too late.  He even waved.  Sorry #54!
Thursday - 8 in 60:07; core
4 x 3 min hard w/ 2 min recovery.  Felt nice to be done early in the morning.
Friday - lifting and core
Today is my off day/recovery day from running.  Good deals at the new balance tent sale.  Get there this weekend; it ends Sunday.
Saturday - 10 miles w/ 5 mile race (Carver Cranberry Classic)
27:46; 44th; 5:33 pace.  Time not so fast but pleased with the effort and stoked to be racing again. Full report to follow.
Sunday - 10 easy
Not worrying about time today.

For the Week
57 miles
5 days of easy biking
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: This was supposed to be a cutback week but I only did 3/4 of a mile less than last week.  Oh well.  This week I introduced a 6th day of running into my 7 day cycle.  That accounts for the mileage total being up a little bit.  I am excited to see how the body will react once I get into the 60's.  Also did my first race since the left foot injury.  It's only been a day but things seem okay.  No jinx.

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