Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Week in Running: 8.15 to 8.21.11

Monday - 12.25 in 87:44; core
Steady run w/ 10 x 1 min w/ 1 min recovery thrown into the mix.  Point of the pickups was to stimulate some neuromuscular systems that have been dormant for a little too long now.  Try to get some speed back in a relatively "safe" way.  It was raining but the weather was nice.  Real runners know what I'm talking about.

Tuesday - 3.5 easy miles; core
Dr. Mika visit in the morning.  Just a tune-up.  Nothing brewing.

Wednesday - 11.75; legcore
9 x "800" (Muddy Puddin specialty)
I did not do the repeats on the track.  I did them on a loop at a park which is composed of dirt and grass paths.  I have no idea the exact distance of the loop; I just start on a mulched path and end at a trimmed bush.   All reps were between 2:55 (first) and 2:46 (last).  I worked hard today and could feel my body start to get in shape.  Good run.

Thursday - 11 in 75:37; core
A good medium run that progressed down to 6:15 for the last mile and it felt pretty easy.

Friday - 4 mile jog; legcore; lifting sequence at the gym

Saturday - 12.75 w/ race
Larry Olsen 10K.  1st OA.  35:32 (two miles of trail; moderately challenging).  Race report to follow.
midway through mile 1; Photo by Ted Tyler

Sunday - 14.5 recovery run
The pace was slow but I didn't feel bad.  The trails today were pretty technical,which I think slowed me down a bit.  Still the body felt relatively good after yesterday's race.  I didn't bonk today (that sometimes happens the day after a race for me).

For the Week
69 3/4 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
some easy biking w/ KJ
Analysis: A good week of training.  The miles are up around 70 per week now and the intensity is getting there.  I am still getting in shape.  Hope to see some improvement in race times soon.

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Congrats on the 10k finish!

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