Friday, August 26, 2011

This Week in Running: 8.22 to 8.28.11

Monday - 11.5 recovery run; core
Started easy and felt best by the end of the run.  Low 7:00s.

Tuesday - 6 easy; core
Stride session after the run.

Wednesday - 12 in 87:xx; legcore
I wanted this to be a hard progression run but the legs just weren't cooperating.  Aerobically I was fine but my legs were cranky, esp the quads.  I think that steep downhill 3rd mile in Saturday's rest is still causing havoc on my quads.

Thursday - 12.5 in 92:25; core
Workout: 3 x 12 min w/ 2 min recovery
This was tough.  I was nowhere near recovered between each rep.  I was not on a track so ran on perceived effort.  Really hoping each repeat covered at least two miles.  The effort was there.  Classic cooldown bonk.  Spacey.

Friday - 4 easy; lifting w/ legcore
Easy day.

Saturday - 19.5 in a very slow time
I bonked.  If this was 10, I would've been fine, but it was 20.  Well, almost 20.  I was really dead on the second half of this run.  Not good.

Sunday - easy 7
Early morning pre "Hurricane" Irene run.  Body is feeling bad right now.  I need a cutback week to regroup.

For the Week
72 1/2 running miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Suddenly I'm feeling worn down and dead.  Need to take stock of things and get energized.  Maybe eat better too.

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