Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Week in Running: 8.8. to 8.14.11

Monday - morning: 7.5 miles; afternoon: 3.5 miles
Felt horrible this morning but rebounded for a better, albeit shorter run this afternoon.  I sneaky way to get 11 in for the day.  It almost feels like cheating.  Almost.
Tuesday - 6 miles
My watch band broke and I've been running w/out a watch.  This feels weird.  Started slow but got going pretty good for the last deuce.
Wednesday - 11.25 in 80:04
Ran w/ the infamous Muddy Puddin on this one.  What a great run.  Good convo the whole way made the miles fly by.  Thanks for the run Muddy!
Thursday - 13 in 99:04
Track workout: 2 mile - 11.32, 1.5 mile - 8.50, 1 mile - 5.51, 800 - 2.48 all w/ 1/4 mile recovery
My goal was to step on the track and run sub 6:00 pace.  Haven't been doing enough of that lately.  I had to battle for lane 1 w/ a bunch of high school football players "coached" by a clueless "man."  I just tucked my cap down low on my head and said "time to go to work."  I wanted to run the first split in 11.30 and basically did that.  I thought I could maintain that pace for the rest of the workout, but my speed isn't there yet.  The game quickly turned to keep it sub 6:00.  I was hurting but having fun in a weird way.  I told myself I was going to complete this workout no matter what and it felt good to do so.  I do have to say that the 3+ mile cooldown felt rather long.
Friday - 4 mile jog to/from gym; lifting sequence
Easy miles b/c right now the legs feel a little worse after a day off.
Saturday - 19.25 in ~2:26
I felt good today, starting to feel like a real runner again.  Now, I need to work on pumping up the pace.  Still too slow even though this felt more aggressive than my last long run.
Sunday - 8 recovery miles
Whole body felt sluggish, not horrible just sluggish in the rain.

For the Week
72 1/2 miles
2 legcore workouts 1 w/ calf emphasis
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: No real core work this weak b/c I was on vacation and decide to work out my ab muscles by eating copious amounts of unhealthy foods.  It was fun.  I had a good workout on Thursday to make up for all the ice cream.  I now know where I stand in term of my fitness and need to continue to develop my "speed."  The long runs are starting to come easier, and this is encouraging.  This week I attained my highest weekly mileage # for the year.  No complaints there.

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