Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Level Renner Issue 3

Level Renner: Level Renner Issue 3

The 3rd issue of Level Renner is hot with commentary on all things running: water stops, double-dipping, marathon peaking, and so much more. Three great New England athletes are featured: Joe Donnelly, Brett Ely, and Jim Pawlicki. You want to find out what tough runners do and how they think? The…

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Week in Running: 9.19 to 9.25.11

Monday - bike 70 mins
Tuesday - 7 miles
Wednesday - 3.5 miles
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 10 miles
Sunday - 5 miles

Some easy biking accompanied each run just to up the total cardiovascular time.  I also got in 5 days of core work.  I'm trying to emphasize the lower back and hips as this needs to be a point of emphasis after the current injury.  The lower back is still sore when I run but it is manageable and sometimes the discomfort is more in my right hip than my lower back.  I have been killing myself with a trigger point roller 2x a day and I think that is helping.  Jen gave me a a deep tissue massage on Thursday and that helped too.

I was somewhat surprised to get 30 miles this week.  I had absolutely no mileage goals.  I did not worry about speed b/c I just wanted to feel "healthy."  Still holding out hope for CCM.  Good news: my legs feel like they are in shape.  I had some bounce in my step despite the sore back.

For the Week
30 1/2 miles
probably about 2 hours of biking
 5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Update 9.12 to 9.18.11

Turns out I impinged/inflamed the sacroiliac joint.  That's what's been causing the pain.  Apparently, when excess stress is placed on the joint, the surrounding muscles tense up and spasm as a protective measure to prevent further damage to the distressed area.

I have been able to start running some easy miles.  I probably did fifteen or so miles over 4 runs this week.  The back can handle the bike without much discomfort.  In another week or so, I intend to be "back" to somewhat normal miles with the hopes of salvaging a respectable fall racing season.

Rehab measures include lots of foam rolling on the lower back and hip, stretching both areas (IT-bands), icing, and heating.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lower Back Pain

It's been two weeks and the right side of my lower back at the hip and top of the butt is still sore and tight.  I've been rolling (but probably need to do more), icing, and heating.  I've also been on a steady stream of ibuprofen, which I am now abandoning.  Don't like putting too much of that stuff in my body.  I feel like not much recovery has been made in these last two weeks.  I'm going to Mika, the chiro, on Tuesday.  Hopefully, he can straighten me out.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Week in Running: 8.29 to 9.4.11 (Injury)

I ran once this week.  Monday 5 miles.  After seeing a chiropractor on Wednesday, it turns out that I strained a muscle in my lower back on the right side.  It's been sore for the entire week.  For treatment, I have been doing the usual RICE routine plus some massaging with the stick and foam roller.  I incurred a similar injury to this almost three years ago to the day.  The only difference being that in 2008 the injury affected my left side.  It's a bit sore to walk right now but I seem to be able to bike without much discomfort on flat roads.  Too bad I don't enjoy biking as much as I do running.  I pretty bummed about this.  Looking back from the 2008 running log, I was sidelined about a month all in all.  I don't think this injury is as severe as in 08 so I'm hoping for a quicker recovery.  I'd still like to do CCM, but I need to get in some quality work.

Why do I think the injury happened?  I think it was a combination of two things: 1) I had been lifting a lot of heavy objects leading up to the injury (helped my sister move, moving yard stuff around before Hurricane Irene, constantly picking up the kids who aren't getting any lighter), 2) my mileage and intensity was at his highest for the year.  That amalgam stirred up together left my lower back susceptible and here I am now.  Back on the shelf.