Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Issue of Level Renner Available Now!

Level Renner Issue 3

Level Renner: Level Renner Issue 3

The 3rd issue of Level Renner is hot with commentary on all things running: water stops, double-dipping, marathon peaking, and so much more. Three great New England athletes are featured: Joe Donnelly, Brett Ely, and Jim Pawlicki. You want to find out what tough runners do and how they think? The…

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Alan said...

I just noticed that the cover photo on this issue is of Jim wearing an old and outdated CMS uniform. This isn't good for the team's current sponsors, it doesn't show off our nice-looking new uniforms, and it gives Polar added publicity after they dropped our sponsorship after an ugly and bitter divorce. Just pointing that out - wish we could have used a more current or appropriate picture. Not too big of a deal, though.

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