Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week in Running: 10.24 to 10.30.11

Monday - 11 (progression; sub 6:00 @ end)
Tuesday - 3 w/ 40 min bike
Wednesday - 11.75
Thursday - 10 (steady tempo)
Friday - lifting @ gym
Saturday - 17
Sunday - 7.5

For the Week
60 1/4 miles
4 core workouts
40 min on bike
Analysis: Tried running some trail on Sunday morning.  Wow, was it bad.  The snow itself wasn't the problem.  The weight of the snow was the problem.  So many downed trees and limbs.  It'll be a while before the trails are clear...Saturday's long run was good.  I'm hovering around 7:00 pace.  Two good runs on Monday and Thursday.  I was going sub 6:30 on Thursday and it was feeling easy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week in Running: 10.17 to 10.23.11

Monday - 10.25 w/ Ben Nephew
Tuesday - 9.25 tempo
Wednesday - off (core only)
Thursday - 5.75
Friday - off
Saturday - 16 @ Cape Cod Marathon Course
Sunday - 7

For the Week
48 1/4 miles
4 core workouts
Analysis: Two evening obligations at work turned this into a cutback week.  First run w/ Ben in a long while and it was good to talk some shop w/ him.
On Saturday my friends were getting married on the Cape, so I got up early on Saturday morning to check out the CCM course.  I ran miles 26-15 backwards.  My take: oh crap.  The course is tough.  Sure, 24-26.2 is pancake flat but about 18 to 23.5 is a bear.  A big rolling, non-stop up and down grizzly.  This is not the type of course on which you PR or run for time.  This is the type of course that you race your competition, not the clock.  To all your GPS studs who are racing next weekend: I wish you the best.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week in Running: 10.10 to 10.16.11

Monday: 9
Tuesday: 3.25 w/ 40 min bike
Wednesday: 10 (tempo)
Thursday: 8 (slow/no energy)
Friday: 7 (see Thurs)
Saturday: off (work obligation)
Sunday: 15.25 good ones

For the Week:
52 1/2 running miles
40 mins on the bike
4 core workouts
Analysis: Two good runs.  Two bad runs.  I'm getting in shape.  I paid my dues for two straight runs after the 10 mile tempo on Wed.  I don't care; it was worth it.  I need to get used to running faster again and if that means back to back skunks then so be it.  Today's 15 was encouraging.  Hitting sub 7:00s and felt strong at the end.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week in Running: 10.3 to 10.9.11

Monday - 7.5
Tuesday - bike 70 mins
Wednesday - 8.25 
Thursday - 9
Friday - lift
Saturday - 14.5
Sunday - 8.25

For the Week
47 1/2 miles
4 core workouts
1 lift
70 mins on the bike

Analysis: Feel like I'm starting to turn the corner with the back injury.  Happy bout that.  The pace is slowing working itself down.  That's good too.  Tried a little experiment this week straight out of Joe Donnelly's training log.  I woke up at 0300 on Wed and Thurs to get the runs in before work.  It felt awesome to have the run down before 0500 but I don't think it's sustainable b/c I wasn't really able to help get the girls ready for school.  Trying to make it all work. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rome Blvd Road Race

The Skinny
5 mile time--29:39
place--5th (division 2nd)

The Report
I started off conservatively because I didn't know how my back would react.  I've been running all slow miles lately and haven't been feeling that great.  Pleasantly, the back felt fantastic.  I still played in cautiously over the first mile but passed a bunch of people that went out too hard.

I told myself to just keep it in control for the first 3.  At around 2.5, I noticed a couple of guys starting to come back to me.  I passed one at 3 and the other at a little before 3.5.  This actually made me feel better and I kept going.  I turned the corner at 4 and heard the timer yell "24."  So I made up the 18 seconds or so that was putting me over 6.00 pace.  My buddy and sometime trainer partner, Martin, was up ahead and I caught up to him too.  Like me, he is coming off an injury and really wasn't racing.

I tried to take it easy the last mile, full knowing this wasn't the race too be a hero, but the 5th mile was my fastest.  I'll take that.  The best news of all is that I ended this race feeling pretty good.  I have been running so slow in training lately; it just felt good to open it up a bit.  And the back seemed fine during the race.  The real test will be tomorrow.  I hope it's not back to square one.  Cross those fingers.

Post-race was good.  My friend Dan was there and he was making his debut as a road racer.  He put up a respectable performance.  No doubt he'll be doing a few more in the future.  For 2nd place in my division, I won a foot massage roller.  Add it to the collection!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Week in Running: 9.26 to 10.3.10

Monday - 7.25
Tuesday - bike 70 mins
Wednesday - 6.75
Thursday - 6.75
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 11
Sunday - 8.25 w/ race

For the Week
40 running miles
bike 90+ mins
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis:  Slow miles for most of the week and my back was sorer than I thought it would be and that stunk.  I was getting pretty depressed by my lack of progress and my runs had been pretty boring as a result.  You can only go on so many slow runs, especially when they are accompanied by discomfort.
The highlight of the week was definitely the Rome Blvd Road Race.  I felt much better than I thought.  I had very little back discomfort.  I took the race out slow, but at 3 miles was able to pick it up and pass three guys.  Now, I wasn't racing this race--I was treating it more like a tempo--but I felt good, and that's all I care about right now.  Maybe CCM is still a possibility?