Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week in Running: 10.10 to 10.16.11

Monday: 9
Tuesday: 3.25 w/ 40 min bike
Wednesday: 10 (tempo)
Thursday: 8 (slow/no energy)
Friday: 7 (see Thurs)
Saturday: off (work obligation)
Sunday: 15.25 good ones

For the Week:
52 1/2 running miles
40 mins on the bike
4 core workouts
Analysis: Two good runs.  Two bad runs.  I'm getting in shape.  I paid my dues for two straight runs after the 10 mile tempo on Wed.  I don't care; it was worth it.  I need to get used to running faster again and if that means back to back skunks then so be it.  Today's 15 was encouraging.  Hitting sub 7:00s and felt strong at the end.

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Muddy Puddin' said...

2 good, 2 bad? .500 is quality in baseball and in running.

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