Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week in Running: 10.17 to 10.23.11

Monday - 10.25 w/ Ben Nephew
Tuesday - 9.25 tempo
Wednesday - off (core only)
Thursday - 5.75
Friday - off
Saturday - 16 @ Cape Cod Marathon Course
Sunday - 7

For the Week
48 1/4 miles
4 core workouts
Analysis: Two evening obligations at work turned this into a cutback week.  First run w/ Ben in a long while and it was good to talk some shop w/ him.
On Saturday my friends were getting married on the Cape, so I got up early on Saturday morning to check out the CCM course.  I ran miles 26-15 backwards.  My take: oh crap.  The course is tough.  Sure, 24-26.2 is pancake flat but about 18 to 23.5 is a bear.  A big rolling, non-stop up and down grizzly.  This is not the type of course on which you PR or run for time.  This is the type of course that you race your competition, not the clock.  To all your GPS studs who are racing next weekend: I wish you the best.

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