Monday, December 26, 2011

This Week in Running 12.19 to 12.25.11

Monday - 12.75 w/ Ben
5 x 5 min pickups w/ 1-2 minutes recovery; each pickup got harder and faster
Tuesday - 6
easy recovery day
Wednesday - 13.25
tempo run; raining at end
Thursday - 11
great run; fast
Friday - sick
24 hour bug wiped me out
Saturday - 4
stomach still iffy
Sunday - 5.5
I love the early, early Christmas morning run

For the Week
52 1/2 miles
4 core workouts
Analysis: The bug on Friday foiled my week.  Between Friday and Saturday I was probably about -17 (I was planning on about 4-6 recovery miles on Fri and 16-17 on Sat).  I was feeling better on Sat but the stomach was still iffy and my body wasn't quite right.  Did I wimp out?  Maybe.  But, I'm better now and hope to have a strong week.  The first half of this week was really good; it just ended on a down note.  I'm looking forward to a great training week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Week in Running: 12.12.11 to 12.18.11

Monday - 10.25
2 x 10 min pickups w/ 3 min recovery
Tuesday - 5.25
easy recovery run
Wednesday - 11.5
run of the week; averaged 5:43 pace for 7 miles; this was a good hard tempo progression run
Thursday - 8.5
7 hill repeats; the hill was a shade of 60 seconds; a "baby" hill workout at 3/4 speed
Friday - lifting
chiro visit in am
Saturday - 16.75
excellent med-long run w/ Kevin Gray
Sunday - 7
slow and cold

For the Week
59 1/4 miles in 6 runs
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Very happy w/ Wednesday's progression run.  Good confidence builder that I can hold a respectable pace in practice.  By the end of the progression, I was sub 5:20 and I'll take that for mid-December.  Saturday was another excellent run.  At no point did I struggle.  Just clicking off the miles.  This was a cutback week, so I wasn't worried about volume but I did want to maintain or increase my current intensity.  I feel I did that.  Plus, a good bill of health for Mika.  Only area of concern: quads a touch tight.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This Week in Running: 12.5 to 12.11.11

Monday - 10
w/ Ben
Tuesday - 7 
faster than normal for an easy day
Wednesday - 12 
tried to make this a tempo; ran as fast as I could in the cold rain storm
Thursday - 9 
dead legs
Friday - nothing more than some corework
Saturday - 20
major bonk but still did 20
Sunday - 9
best run of the week
For the Week
67 miles
5 core workouts
Analysis: For the first time in a long time, I had back to back horrendous runs (Thurs and Sat).  Quasi-interesting note: if I bonk during a run, I usually recover from it pretty quickly.  By 1500 I was ready to go for another run (of course I didn't).  When I have a great run, I'm usually beat for the rest of the day.  That's keepin it on the level I suppose.  

I'm trying to hit 70 miles per week.  3 short this week.  The plan is to do 40 during the week and 30 on the weekend.  That won't happen next week, though, b/c it's a planned cutback for the current mesocycle.  Mesocycle?  You can read about macro, meso, and micro cycles in the next issue of Level Renner.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week in Running: 11.28 to 12.4.11 w/ GNRC Ho Ho Ho Race Report

Monday - 10
5 x 2 min pickups; 1 hard hill; 1 5:55 mile
Tuesday - 6 easy
Wednesday - 11 tempo
working hard in the dark for 6:20 pace, I was wearing shorts though
Thursday - 10.5
gutted this one out; running 6:00 pace by the end just to finish it
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 16.25
5k race: 1st in 16:24
did a little over 5k for a w-up then ran the rest of miles as part of an extended cooldown.  Race report below.
Sunday: 12.5 miles
slow mode
For the Week
66 1/4 miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

GNRC Ho Ho Ho 5K Race Report
The Skinny
5k time - 16:24* (didn't click my watch @ finish and official results seemed inaccurate; I don't think I ran a 46 sec downhill last .1)
place - 1
pace - 5:20-ish
splits: 1 - 5:26, 2 - 5:16, 3 - 5:13
The Report
I jogged the out-and-back course as a warm-up and felt ready to race.  The temp seemed to be getting warmer so the CMS singlet and shorts became a no-brainer.  No extra gear needed.  After a few snappy strides, it was time to get on the line.

A few guys started like they were shot out of a cannon when the "Go" was signaled.  I was in about 5th in the first tenth.  By about a half mile, I was in third and watching Keith Neal and David Woodruff running together.  They turned in a 5:15 first mile; I was 11 seconds in arrears but feeling good.   I was keeping my eye on these guys and started to push my pace ever so slightly.  At the rotary turnabout, I felt myself getting a little closer.

Now on the way back to the finish, I was headed into the traffic of the runners still on the way out.  I liked the jumble this caused and kept the heat on.  With all the congestion, I don't think Neal or Woodruff knew I was closing.  By 2 miles, Neal had stretched out on Woodruff, and I came through that split at 10:40 with Woodruff two seconds up.  At this point, I started thinking about the win.

Still feeling strong, I started to close the gap on the leader.  I was pushing up an incline and with about .3 or .4 to go, I made the pass.  Neal didn't die easy.  He kept fighting.  I, fortunately, found another gear and started to turn it over.  I kept the pedal down all the way to the tape.  I was pretty happy with my kick.

The awards ceremony was short and sweet.  For the win, I got a medal and a certificate for a pair of new balance sneakers.  To say the least, I was psyched w/ my award.  Mike Gilio and the Greater Norwood Running Club did a good job putting on this race.  Later in the day, I trekked to Brockton for the Jingle Bell Run.  So it was a Ho Ho Ho am and a Jingle Bell pm.  I guess the holiday season is upon us.