Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week in Running: 11.28 to 12.4.11 w/ GNRC Ho Ho Ho Race Report

Monday - 10
5 x 2 min pickups; 1 hard hill; 1 5:55 mile
Tuesday - 6 easy
Wednesday - 11 tempo
working hard in the dark for 6:20 pace, I was wearing shorts though
Thursday - 10.5
gutted this one out; running 6:00 pace by the end just to finish it
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 16.25
5k race: 1st in 16:24
did a little over 5k for a w-up then ran the rest of miles as part of an extended cooldown.  Race report below.
Sunday: 12.5 miles
slow mode
For the Week
66 1/4 miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

GNRC Ho Ho Ho 5K Race Report
The Skinny
5k time - 16:24* (didn't click my watch @ finish and official results seemed inaccurate; I don't think I ran a 46 sec downhill last .1)
place - 1
pace - 5:20-ish
splits: 1 - 5:26, 2 - 5:16, 3 - 5:13
The Report
I jogged the out-and-back course as a warm-up and felt ready to race.  The temp seemed to be getting warmer so the CMS singlet and shorts became a no-brainer.  No extra gear needed.  After a few snappy strides, it was time to get on the line.

A few guys started like they were shot out of a cannon when the "Go" was signaled.  I was in about 5th in the first tenth.  By about a half mile, I was in third and watching Keith Neal and David Woodruff running together.  They turned in a 5:15 first mile; I was 11 seconds in arrears but feeling good.   I was keeping my eye on these guys and started to push my pace ever so slightly.  At the rotary turnabout, I felt myself getting a little closer.

Now on the way back to the finish, I was headed into the traffic of the runners still on the way out.  I liked the jumble this caused and kept the heat on.  With all the congestion, I don't think Neal or Woodruff knew I was closing.  By 2 miles, Neal had stretched out on Woodruff, and I came through that split at 10:40 with Woodruff two seconds up.  At this point, I started thinking about the win.

Still feeling strong, I started to close the gap on the leader.  I was pushing up an incline and with about .3 or .4 to go, I made the pass.  Neal didn't die easy.  He kept fighting.  I, fortunately, found another gear and started to turn it over.  I kept the pedal down all the way to the tape.  I was pretty happy with my kick.

The awards ceremony was short and sweet.  For the win, I got a medal and a certificate for a pair of new balance sneakers.  To say the least, I was psyched w/ my award.  Mike Gilio and the Greater Norwood Running Club did a good job putting on this race.  Later in the day, I trekked to Brockton for the Jingle Bell Run.  So it was a Ho Ho Ho am and a Jingle Bell pm.  I guess the holiday season is upon us.


Muddy Puddin' said...

Nice job, sir.

speedy said...

Great job on a hilly little 5K. Come back for Gilio's 5K in May!!

maria conley said...

Thank you for coming to our little race!! I am happy you liked your winning prize!!

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