Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week in Running: 1.23 to 1.29.12

Monday - 12.5
8 x 3 min hard w/ 2 min recovery
Did this workout w/ Ben.  Hamstring was feeling a little tight, so ran hard but nothing crazy.  Good workout.
Tuesday - 3
Biked for 37 mins prior to the run.  This is a cutback week; reduced today's miles.
Wednesday - 10 in 72:28
Psyched to get this whole run in on trails.  One, b/c there's no snow on the trails.  Two, b/c it was light enough outside to squeeze the whole thing in before outer dark arrived.
Thursday - 8
Easy.  Another sign of a cutback week.
Friday - lifting
Dr. Mika visit for a "tuneup."  All is well.
Saturday - 8.5
Had to work today but snuck on the treadmill before doing so.  My legs were amped.  Ready to run this morning--even if it was 0500.
Sunday - 16 in 1:50.26
By mile 3 I was down to 7:07.  Last 3 were 6:11, 6:18, 6:15.  I was hoping to see splits between 6:20-30.  I would call this pace comfortably hard.

For the Week
58 miles
5 core workouts
37 mins on the bike
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: This week marked the end of the first mesocycle of the year.  I end each meso (4-5 week period) with a recovery/cutback week.  My intent here is to give the body a chance to adapt to the overload it incurred over the previous weeks.  This next meso should feature two races.  This will likely alter the number of miles I hit in those weeks, but we got to remember it's not about chasing miles--it's about racing as fast as we possibly can.

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Chris Mahoney said...

Thanks for the comment! Your training looks like its going very well! Nice to see your running and healthy! Keeo training smart....see you out there!

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