Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Week in Running: 12.26 to 1.1.12

Monday - 12.75
threshold pace work: 24 min, 3 min break (technical trail connector), 12 min
Tuesday - 10 total (7.25 am; 2.75 pm)
easy, recovery day
Wednesday - 14.75
good run w/ tempo starting midway through: 6.08, 5.47, 5.43, 6.00, 6.04, 5.37, 5.50
Thursday - 10
cold and windy; did not dress appropriately, which led to frozen ears, hands, and loins
Friday - 6
easy run w/ stride session; felt great
Saturday - 13.75 in 96:26
Tried to keep this at tempo pace but didn't achieve that goal.  Still an honest pace.
Sunday - 11.5 w/ Kevin Gray
Good run w/ the dogs @ Hale Reservation.

For the Week
79 3/4 miles
5 core workouts
Analysis: I think this is my highest weekly mileage total for the year.  Good way to end 2011.  If it's not my highest, it's within the top 3.  I'll tabulate my mileage total for the year later in the week.  It will be down from 2010.  Back to this week: awesome run on Forbidden Drive on Wednesday.  That's what I'm talking about.  Plan to use that as a springboard into 2012.

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Muddy Puddin' said...

Great week! Way to bounce back and end an injury-plagued year on a high note. Sweet.

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