Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week in Running: 2.20 to 2.26.12

Monday - 12.5 in 1:42.43
Track workout w/ longish warmup and cooldown.
4 x 800m then 4 x 400m all w/ 400m recovery
2.38, 2.36, 2.34, 2.34, 77, 75, 74, 74
It was windy out there.  Good hard effort.
Tuesday - easy 8
Bridge day between harder efforts.
Wednesday - 14 in ~98:00
Good run w/ 40 mins of threshold pace based on perceived effort.  Ran on the trails and it was fun.  T-shirt weather.  Wow.  The trails are liberating.
Thursday - 11.5 in ~82:00
Nice run w/ Kevin Tilton.  More trails.
Friday - 2.5 shakeout
Lifting sequence and core work too.
Saturday - 8.75 prerace run
Easy run with Kevin Gray.  Threw in 3 strides in the last half mile.  Why not?
Sunday - 16
Amherst 10 Miler in 55.57 for 5.36 avg and 38th place (7th for CMS).  Felt strong.  Feel like I'm back.  Race report to follow in a few days (hopefully).

For the Week
73 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: I think the bump up to 70-75 mile weeks is starting to show dividends.  I felt strong in Amherst.  Now I just need to work on the speed.  This is encouraging.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Week in Running: 2.13 to 2.19.12

Monday - 11.5 in 82:26
Some speed work: 16 x 1 min hard w/ 1 min recovery.  Ben and I did this together.  Trying to turn it over and get fast.
Tuesday - 7 easy
felt pretty good
Wednesday - 13 in 79:XX
Progression Run.  Miles 4.5 to 11.5 progressed from 5:55 to 5:15 so I'm happy with that.  A good day that was comfortably hard for most of the way.
Thursday - 11 in 79:XX
Same time as y'day but two miles shorter.  Legs felt pretty good and managed to do most of the run on trails before the sunset.
Friday - 2 in early am
Lifting sequence
Saturday - 23 in 2:33.56
Good day that started easy and got faster.  Ran w/ Kevin Gray.  No splits but likely hovering over 7:00s in the woods then faster once we got out.
Sunday - 8 easy

For the Week
75 1/2 running miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Dare I say that the 75 came rather easy?  No jinx.  I'm feeling pretty good.  No jinx.  I'm hoping that I perform better in Amherst next Sunday than I did at the Stew Chase a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Week in Running: 2.6 to 2.12.12

Monday - 9 in 68:30
Slow w/ Ben.  Sore.  Ben: my apologies to you for making this such a crap run.
Tuesday - 6.5
Still slow and sore.
Wednesday - 11.75
Good energy at the start not so much by the end.  Calves not as tight.  Hovering just above 7:00 in the dark.
Thursday - 12.5
Didn't want to run in the dark today, so ran in the basement.  I threw on Shawshank to help make the miles passed.  It worked.  6:30ish by midway.  6:10s by last third.
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 21 in 2:32.33
Great run w/ Kevin Gray.  We were chatting and the miles passed quickly.  I needed that.
Sunday - 10.25
The bounce is back.  Accomplished my goal of a 30 mile weekend and felt good doing it.

For the Week
71 1/4 running miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Spend the first half of the week in the doldrums after not running the time I had hoped at The Stew Chase.  Thank goodness for Kevin Gray and the run on Saturday b/c that brought some life back to my legs, back to my running.  That run propelled me to another good one on Sunday as I was running sub 7:00 without much effort.  Hadn't had a day like that all week, so I'm back to feeling good again and am looking forward to a great week of training.  Amherst is 2 weeks from today.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Stew Chase 15K

Start of the race.  This and all photos by Krissy K.
The Skinny
15K time - 53.04
place - 3
pace - 5.42
1 5.38
2 5.40
3 5.37
4 5.47
5 5.53
6 5.31
7 5.46
8 5.47
9 5.33
.3 1.48
Mile 7
The Report
Quick gun at the start and we were off before a zeroed out my watch.  That said, the mile split was still slower than I anticipated and should've known right then and there that I wasn't going to be able to hit the splits I wanted.  I honestly thought I was in shape to run 5.30 pace but a 5.38 first mile and 11.18 through 2 had me quickly off my goal.

The first few miles I was running in a lead pack that included eventual winner Matt Haringa, Sam Jurek, teammate Joe Shairs, and a couple other guys.  Dan Verrington and Jason Porter, both of CMS, were right there too.  This group didn't start to break up until around mile 4 which is the industrial park section of the race.

Going up the hill leading up to the turnaround, Haringa was running easy and chatting it up.  Of course, this didn't register at the time, but it did once he took off on that same hill; this time running it as a descent.  Hitting the 5th mile in 28.33 was a psychological killer.  A minute off where I thought I might be.  Still, I remember what DV saying prerace about the 2nd 5K being the toughest and stayed optimistic for a rebound.  By mile 6, Haringa and Jurek had spaced themselves out pretty good with the former looking dominant.  Jurek I thought might still be catchable if he fell apart in the last 4K.  He didn't.

I felt good, hard but good, over the last two miles, so am disappointed to see that my splits were in the mid 5.40s.  I mean, come on, I've been doing tons of pace work/threshold work at a faster pace than this.  What's going on?  I felt strong but the splits just weren't there.  I kept it honest over the last 2.3 of the race but I knew I wasn't going to hit the time I wanted.  I was already thinking about why I was running "so slow" despite my perceived effort.

Had good post race cooldown and banter w/ my CMS mates.  Joe, Jason, Dan, and I took to the Lynn Woods for a great 3 mile cooldown that had us all on the edge of bonking.  It was good too to see Jim Pawlicki and Krissy K, who once again took amazing photos.  Some good talk about Level Renner.  This magazine might catch on yet.

The finish

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Week in Running: 1.30 to 2.5.12

Monday - 12.25 in 85:xx
12 x 2 min hard w/ 1 min recovery
Ben and I absolutely nailed this workout.  I mean we killed it.  We ran our asses off.  At the start of the 3rd, Ben seemingly took off like a ball out of a cannon.  I was like: "OK.  Let's make it hurt." And we did.  After 6, the recovery was coming up real quick, but we were still like F that let's keep it rolling and we kept pushing and moving.  This was a hard good workout.  We got better today.
Tuesday - 6.75
am: 2.75
pm: 4
Evening work obligation so I broke up my easy day into two short runs.
Wednesday - 13.25 in 85:26
6 mile threshold run
1st 2: ~5:44 2nd 2:~5:34 3rd 2:~5:24
The first two miles were comfortable.  The whole threshold seemed pretty comfortable which makes me think that I might be in pretty good shape.
Thursday - 11 in 82:18
My body was tired; my body felt more tired than my legs.
Friday - easy 2
why not?
lifting in pm
Saturday - easy 8
A few striders mixed into this run.
Sunday - 15.25 miles w/ race
Great Stew Chase 15K
53.04; 3rd place; 5.42 pace
Felt good but at least 90 sec slower than what I thought my training indicated.  Bit perplexed but that but I will keep working.  Race report in a couple days--hopefully.

For the Week
68 1/2 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Don't know what to think about the race.  Training has been going great.  Am I doing the right type of training?  Will take stock and keep at it.  3 weeks 'til Amherst.