Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week in Running: 2.20 to 2.26.12

Monday - 12.5 in 1:42.43
Track workout w/ longish warmup and cooldown.
4 x 800m then 4 x 400m all w/ 400m recovery
2.38, 2.36, 2.34, 2.34, 77, 75, 74, 74
It was windy out there.  Good hard effort.
Tuesday - easy 8
Bridge day between harder efforts.
Wednesday - 14 in ~98:00
Good run w/ 40 mins of threshold pace based on perceived effort.  Ran on the trails and it was fun.  T-shirt weather.  Wow.  The trails are liberating.
Thursday - 11.5 in ~82:00
Nice run w/ Kevin Tilton.  More trails.
Friday - 2.5 shakeout
Lifting sequence and core work too.
Saturday - 8.75 prerace run
Easy run with Kevin Gray.  Threw in 3 strides in the last half mile.  Why not?
Sunday - 16
Amherst 10 Miler in 55.57 for 5.36 avg and 38th place (7th for CMS).  Felt strong.  Feel like I'm back.  Race report to follow in a few days (hopefully).

For the Week
73 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: I think the bump up to 70-75 mile weeks is starting to show dividends.  I felt strong in Amherst.  Now I just need to work on the speed.  This is encouraging.

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