Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Week in Running: 2.6 to 2.12.12

Monday - 9 in 68:30
Slow w/ Ben.  Sore.  Ben: my apologies to you for making this such a crap run.
Tuesday - 6.5
Still slow and sore.
Wednesday - 11.75
Good energy at the start not so much by the end.  Calves not as tight.  Hovering just above 7:00 in the dark.
Thursday - 12.5
Didn't want to run in the dark today, so ran in the basement.  I threw on Shawshank to help make the miles passed.  It worked.  6:30ish by midway.  6:10s by last third.
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 21 in 2:32.33
Great run w/ Kevin Gray.  We were chatting and the miles passed quickly.  I needed that.
Sunday - 10.25
The bounce is back.  Accomplished my goal of a 30 mile weekend and felt good doing it.

For the Week
71 1/4 running miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Spend the first half of the week in the doldrums after not running the time I had hoped at The Stew Chase.  Thank goodness for Kevin Gray and the run on Saturday b/c that brought some life back to my legs, back to my running.  That run propelled me to another good one on Sunday as I was running sub 7:00 without much effort.  Hadn't had a day like that all week, so I'm back to feeling good again and am looking forward to a great week of training.  Amherst is 2 weeks from today.


Mike Quintal said...

What's with that Dallas Cowboy star? Is that in honor of Leon Lett or something?

Mrs. G. said...

This KG not Mrs. G. that is just a blue star. it is not the cowboys' star. Now I am petrified that people may think I am a cowboys fan. I am not. I did, however, love that Leon Lett play against the fins on Thanksgiving day...that's my lasting memory of lovable fave cowboy for that moment.

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