Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Week in Running: 2.27 to 3.5.12

Monday - 11.5
Recovery run for me. Taper run for Ben.
Tuesday - 5.25
Still stiff.
Wednesday - 9
Late start. 6:00 pace at end just to end it.
Thursday - 8.5
Running into the windy snow wasn't fun but having it at my back was.
Friday - lifting
Saturday - 17 in 2:14.41
Easy long run w/ Kevin Gray. We ran about half our miles on snow covered trails which kept the pace slow. Happy to call 17 my short long run.
Sunday - 8
Felt great. 5 strides incorporated into last 3K.

For the Week
59 1/4 miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Easy, recovery cutback week. Sore for most of it. Feeling better as of this writing, so hoping to have a solid week of training starting tomorrow.

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