Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Week in Running: 3.12 to 3.18.12

Monday - 11.25 in 89:xx
14 x ~60 second hill with a steep incline.  Did these with Ben.  Weird workout.  Felt good and bad simultaneously.
Tuesday - 6 
Easy.  Legs were heavy today.
Wednesday - 11 in 75:xx
Tough day.  Worked late and got out late.  I did do a 20 min threshold pace pickup which saw splits of 6.07 and 5.38.  Guess we know which way the wind was blowing.  Wanted to cap the run off w/ 4 x 800 but had nothing so bagged it.  Wimp.
Thursday - 11.5 in 76:low
Averaged 6.30 pace for most of the run.  Miles were clicking today.
Friday - lifting
Saw the chiro (Mika) in the morning.  Turns out the ankle (left) I rolled on Saturday is a little worse than I thought.  Real limited flexibility in addition to some slight swelling.  Mika said that I'm good to race on Sunday but I need a follow up appt to unlock the ankle.
Saturday - 8.25 in 62.10
Prerace shakeout.  5 longish strides incorporated into last mile, which was an easy 6.48
Sunday - 18.25
New Bedford 1/2 Marathon
73.27; 5.37 pace; 43rd; 6th for CMS.
28.01 for 5 and 55.44 for 10
Superb weather except for the wind.

For the Week
66 1/4 miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: I think that was my fastest half marathon since 2005, so I can't be too unhappy with that.  In the late mid miles I thought I might have a chance of PR'ing, but I didn't have another gear in the last 3-5K.  I gave it a solid effort and ran a pretty smart tactical race.  Need to work on ending my training runs at a hard, fast clip.

Miles were a touch low for the week, but it was a tough week w/ work and Monday's hill workout was 89 mins but only 11+ miles do to the downhill recovery.

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