Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Week in Running: 3.19 to 3.25.12

Monday - 11 in 83:31
Moose Hill trails w/ Ben.
Tuesday - 8.25 in 62:xx
Another easy run.  Babying the blisters on my big toes.
Wednesday - 14 in 1:47.xx
Good medium long run.  Got a little hot.  Drank a lot of water when i got home.  Fastest at finish, which will now be a new point of emphasis for me.
Thursday - 10 in 78:01
Ugly.  I rolled my other (right) ankle yesterday.  I laughed b/c I rolled my left ankle 10 days ago. (Now, that's keepin it on the level.)  But I didn't laugh when I tried to run and found that ankle incredibly stiff.  Loosened up after 30 mins and did a few light pickups (4 of about a 1/2 mile).
Friday - 2 easy
I wanted to run a couple today after I lifted so I did.
Saturday - 5.75
Shorter than I wanted.  I woke up way late and had to be at work at 7:30 so I could only get in this number.
Sunday - 2.25 miles
Noooo.  I tweaked my knee on yesterday's easy run, and today I could only muster 2 miles or so.  Nooo.  I had 20+ scheduled.  The knee (inside part) is stiff and hurts.  Help.  I was thinking of running Gansett 26.2 on April 14.  Now, I'm worried.  I hope this is only a temporary thing.  Pray with me.

For the Week
53 1/4
30 min bike (Sunday)
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis:  Feeling a little beat up this week.  Would've been up over 70 if not for Sunday's disaster.  If anybody, has insights on inside knee pain (opposite side of knee where IT band attaches), please contact me.


double-d said...

Ice is always good. You may have been favoring your leg due to the ankle from 10 days ago and just put it over the top with another sprain. Be careful out there!

KG said...

Thanks Double D. I tend to forget everything is related and hadn't made that connection. Great advice from somebody who surely knows.

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