Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Week in Running: 3.5 to 3.11.12

Monday - 13.25
6 x 1 mile w/ 1 min recovery.  Did these just under 5.30 and that might've been too fast given the limited recovery.  I was redlining early and got no relief until the cooldown.
Tuesday - 6.5
Easy run; felt pretty good.
Wednesday - 14 in 95:xx
Steady tempo run from the gun.  Ended in 6:11 and felt good, strong.  Ran mostly on trails so am cautious w/ the mileage estimate.
Thursday - 10 in 74:xx
Got real tired in the middle but rebounded in the second half of the run.
Friday - 2 
Easy prework run.  Lifting in the afternoon.
Saturday - 24 in 2:51
Yes.  Got 2 x a dozen in.  Last two splits were at 6:30 pace, and I was hoping to be closer to 6:00 or sub.  Little disappointed with that.  With ten minutes to go, I spaced and rolled my ankle coming off a curb.  I simultaneously cursed and comforted my dumbass.  I iced/heated the ankle for the rest of the day. It was pretty stiff.
Sunday - 7.75
Good run with Kevin.

For the Week
77 1/2 miles
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: High mileage week for the year thanks to Wed and Sat.  Right ankle is feeling pretty good despite rolling it on Saturday.  Happy with this week.  Looking ahead toward NB and hoping this work pays dividends.

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