Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Week in Running: 4.16 to 4.22.12

Monday - 9.75 in 70.12
Nice one w/ Kevin Gray.  Utttohh: hot early.  We were done by five after 0800 and it was hot.  Poor bastahds running Boston.
Tuesday - 7.75 in 53.15
Felt peppy on my standard Swedish Cabin Run.
Wednesday - 13.25 in 91.21
Ten mile controlled progression run.
2 - 5: 7.39, 6.56, 6.33, 6.51
7 - 10: 6.19, 5.47, 5.37, 5.51
On Forbidden Drive (dirt road) for this one w/ questionable mile markers, but I felt great so really don't care.  Crossing my fingers that I won't be achy/sore tomorrow.
Thursday - 10 in 71.11
Body felt pretty good after y'day's progression run.  Happy about that.  Perfect early morning running weather.
Friday - lifting only
Travel day.
Saturday - 17 in 1.53.20
Nice steady state run.  Pace was comfortable but not slow throughout.  Probably did more than 17 but keeping it honest just in case the trails were slower than I thought.
Sunday - 7 easy
More nice/prerain weather.  Knee felt okay after y'day's harder effort.

For the Week
64 1/2 miles
3 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: After a 2 1/2 week rut/injury blip, I'm started to feel better and more energetic.  May race the James Joyce Ramble next weekend.  Want to get in one faster paced workout before that, though.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Week in Running: 4.9 to 4.15.12

I'm tardy to the party on this one.  Three days late. But, hey, things have been busy at Level Renner world headquarters.
Monday - 10 w/ Ben
Tuesday - 6.25
Got down to 6.20 pace but knee just isn't ready to race Gansett Marathon.  Depression takes hold.
Wednesday - 7
Thursday - planned off
Myriad reasons. See Tuesday.
Friday - lifting only
Resting knee.
Saturday - 4.75
Covering Gansett w/ Muddy Puddin' instead of running it.  Spirit changed today despite not racing.  So much good energy out there.
Sunday - 8 in 55.00
Easy run but circa 6.00 by end of run.

For the Week
33 miles
4 coreworks
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Dog tired until covering the race w/ Muddy on Saturday.  Then things got better and have been good since.  Knee (tendinitis inflammation) is feeling much better.  Maybe 4 miles in 3 days (10 in 4) helped.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Week in Running: 4.2 to 4.8.12

Monday - 7.5 easy
w/ Ben.  Tendonitis NOT flaring.  Yes.
Tuesday - 55 min bike
Dr. Mika visit.  The inflamed area feels much better but he prescribes a week of easy running with each run getting  a little longer.  Going to try a longish run on Sat.
Wednesday - 10
Ended in 7:03 pace, so that's okay.
Thursday - 6
Long day.  Quasi-long story.
Friday - 4
jogged to/fro gym and lifted there.
Saturday - 16.5 1:59.52
Had 2 hours.  Used it all.  Started slow (8.10, 7.50, 7.30).  Ended somewhat faster (6.41, 6.59, 6.56).
Sunday - 4 
Mika said take this day off but I felt guilty from Thurs.  Done before 0630.

For the Week
48 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
55 mins on bike
Analysis: Ever so cautious and hopeful with the R knee tendinitis.  Looks like Gansett is probably out.  Suddenly, I feel really OUT OF SHAPE.  Is this normal?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Week in (not much) Running: 3.26 to 4.1.12

Injury week.  I didn't do anything on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appt and Mika gave me his diagnosis: inflammed tendon at the insertion point on the inside of the right knee.  That part of the knee is a complicated area, but it appears the the inflammation is where either the adductor or quadriceps attaches.  The good news: it's not a joint issue; it's just a flare up that can be treated with RICE and ibuprofen.  Mika did some deep tissue massage on the inflammed area, and the man had my eyes watering.  After that, he put some stim on it.  The area was sore the rest of the day, but when I awoke on Thurs, I was psyched to feel no initial pain in my knee.  I continued to roll, stick, ice, and stretch the heck out of it from Wed to Sun and will continue to do so.  I might be able to run Gansett in two weeks after all.

Monday - 0
Tuesday - 0
Wednesday - lifting
Thursday - 20 min bike
stretch, roll, stick, 10 min bike, stretch, roll, stick, 10 min bike, stretch, roll, stick, ice
Friday - 45 min bike
same pattern as above
Saturday - 60 min cardio
20 min bike; 20 min elliptical (12 min going in reverse); 20+ min run
Sunday - 4.25 in 38.30
Biked t/f Adams Farm.  Jogged lightly there.  Knee felt good.  Tempted to go longer and harder.

For the Week
4 core workouts
6 1/2 miles running
20 min elliptical
105 min biking
1 lifting sequence