Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Week in (not much) Running: 3.26 to 4.1.12

Injury week.  I didn't do anything on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appt and Mika gave me his diagnosis: inflammed tendon at the insertion point on the inside of the right knee.  That part of the knee is a complicated area, but it appears the the inflammation is where either the adductor or quadriceps attaches.  The good news: it's not a joint issue; it's just a flare up that can be treated with RICE and ibuprofen.  Mika did some deep tissue massage on the inflammed area, and the man had my eyes watering.  After that, he put some stim on it.  The area was sore the rest of the day, but when I awoke on Thurs, I was psyched to feel no initial pain in my knee.  I continued to roll, stick, ice, and stretch the heck out of it from Wed to Sun and will continue to do so.  I might be able to run Gansett in two weeks after all.

Monday - 0
Tuesday - 0
Wednesday - lifting
Thursday - 20 min bike
stretch, roll, stick, 10 min bike, stretch, roll, stick, 10 min bike, stretch, roll, stick, ice
Friday - 45 min bike
same pattern as above
Saturday - 60 min cardio
20 min bike; 20 min elliptical (12 min going in reverse); 20+ min run
Sunday - 4.25 in 38.30
Biked t/f Adams Farm.  Jogged lightly there.  Knee felt good.  Tempted to go longer and harder.

For the Week
4 core workouts
6 1/2 miles running
20 min elliptical
105 min biking
1 lifting sequence

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