Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Week in Running: 4.23 to 4.29.12

Monday - 10.75 in 76:07
Ben is a good training partner.  Always up for anything.  This being my first "speed" session since the minor injury blip, I wanted to do it at a controlled 75% effort.  We did 8 times 3 min push w/ 1 min recovery.  Thanks Ben.
Tuesday - 6.75
Easy day.
Wednesday - 12 in 80:58
40 min perceived effort lactate threshold run.  I was on trails, and this didn't come easy.  It was a hard push throughout.  After the 40 mins, I took 3 mins and finished w/ a 5:55 on the roads.  Happy w/ that.
Thursday- 12 in 78:06
Great run.  In the zone.  6:29 by mile 3.  Finished up @ 5:45, 6:02, 5:55.  This was fun.
Friday - 1.75
prework shakeout; lifting postwork
Saturday - 8 in 61:50
Cold and windy.  Felt lethargic until the end.  5 strides over the last mile.  Easy prerace day run.
Sunday - 13 total
James Joyce Ramble 10K
34:15 for 15th
5:31 pace
I was hoping to go sub 34:00/5:30 pace.  Felt good just need to work on the speed.

For the week
64 1/2 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: A good week.  Mileage a little low due to no true long run.  I'm more excited about Wed/Thurs runs than the race, although it did feel good to race.  Now I need to get fast.

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