Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week in Running: 5.14 to 5.20.12

Monday - 9.5
Ugly bonk.  Should have known things would be bad when I couldn't get through my morning core routine.  Humid.
Tuesday - off
Dr. Mika visit.  Good diagnosis.  Body part to work on = calves.
Wednesday - 10 in 73:xx
Still no pep.  Not sure why.
Thursday - 8 in 55:xx
Hitting sub 6:30 pace but it's not feeling great.
Friday - 3.5
Dead legs.
Saturday - 12.5
Bedford 12K was pretty much a disaster for me.  Ran 2:45 slower than 2010.  I need to analyze in a race report.
Sunday - 10.75

For the Week
54 1/4 miles
4 core workouts
Analysis: This was a planned cutback week and it's a good thing too.  If running is anything like baseball, then I'm on a bit of a streak.  A bad one.  An ice cold one.  You know how sometimes, a ball player just hits everything and the size of the baseball must look huge coming from the mound? Well, I'm the opposite of that right now.  I'm on ice.  I haven't had a good run in seven days.  I'll push through this little slump, but it does test your commitment.  I need to put pen to paper and develop a concrete plan.  This will rejuvenate me.

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