Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Week in Running: May 7 to May 13 2012

Monday - 13 in 89:xx
Steady tempo run.  A classic medium day.  Ending mile was 6.29
Tuesday - 7
easy day
Wednesday - 12 in 84:21
Michigan Workout.  mile, 1200, 800, 400.  All w/ 800 tempo jog for recovery.
Data: 5.05, 3.52, 2.29, 71.  "Recovery" tempos were around 3.20.
I'm happy with this workout; I haven't been on the track for a while.  The splits were good except for the 1200 where I think I could've given it a better effort.  Certainly not fully recovered after each rep, although I did stop and walk after each rep as opposed to going right into the tempo 800.  After doing this workout, I decide to repeat it with the goal of going sub 5.00 for the mile and at least 3.45 for the 1200.  My legs were trashed after this short but intense workout; I haven't gotten a stimulus like that in a while.
Thursday - 10 in 74:xx
Not bad just no energy.  See y'day.
Friday - 2.25
Just a shakeout after lifting.
Saturday - 19 in 2.14.25
Great run w/ Kevin Gray.  After the opening miles, we started moving pretty good.  I only grabbed one split at the very end and it was 6.12.  Thus, this was probably more than 19 but I can't be sure.  Still happy with this run as it came pretty easily.  Kev and I were just keepin it on the level and clicking 'em off.
Sunday - 8
Easy.  Slow mode.

For the Week
71 1/4 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: I think I want to make Wed and Sat my real hard days and Mon a medium-hard day.  We'll see.  This upcoming week will be a cutback in the meso, which works out nicely b/c the Bedford 12K is Saturday.

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Jim said...

Apologies for not closing our conversation up re: the article. Shake this one off. No excuses but you got shook up with that ankle. If a run with Nephew does not make you feel better today, bust out of the hitting streak with a 10K on June 10.

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