Sunday, June 10, 2012

Newton 10K

Mile 1.  Photo by Krissy Kozlosky.
The Skinny
10K - 33.40
pace - 5.26
place - 25th
1 - 5.26
2 - 5.34
3 - 5.34
4 - 5.32
5 - 5.16
6.2 - 6.18

The Report
Okay, so I was set for this one.  I mean mentally set and prepared.  I was pissed at my Bedford 12k performance and wanted to prove to myself and my team that I was some over the hill hack.  I had a clear race plan in my mind and was determined to run the course and not let the course run me.  I wanted to own it today.

I had a good warmup. Al Bernier and I scouted out the first/sixth mile.  Things were looking good.  My body was feeling good, not great, just good.  My mind, though, was sharp.

the race
On the line, us CMS guys all got in together.  The opening straightaway was narrow so starting up close was  a must.  After leaving the school driveway, things opened up and there was minimal congestion.  For the 1st 1/4 - 1/2 I was w/ Brett Ely, the women's champ.  I keyed of her based on how we ran The JJ Ramble back in April.  Before long, a lady was yelling out splits.  4:42 she screamed.  I quickly told the people around me that it wasn't the mile split (good think I scouted the first mile on my warmup).

Lots of people passed in over the first mile.  I didn't let this bother me b/c I didn't want to get sucked into the ether of a positive split.  I stayed calm and carried on.Toward the end of it I settled in w/ Dave Dunham.  He was looking strong.  5.26 was the split.  I didn't really pickup the pace up the Lowell Ave. hill but I did pass some people through the second mile marker.

I was still feeling good at 5k.  GLRR runner Mark Reeder came up on me and passed me.  First runner to do so since the opening minutes.  I didn't panic and was able to stay up tight on him and pass him back.  After making a left on a downhill, I could see some of my teammates just ahead.  I was still running w/in myself at this point but catching people.  I came up on Al and Kevin Tilton somewhere between 3 and 4.  We shouted encouragement to one another. Teammates help.  A lot.

At 4, I said let's go and picked up the pace.  I was feeling strong and started to pass people.  I locked in on Greg Hammett even though there were 4-5 places between us.  This worked b/c although I didn't seem to be closing on Greg, I did pick up a few spots.
Final mile.  Photo by Krissy K.
I saw Jen, Kerin, and Jo at mile 5 and that was a huge boost.  They were cheering for me and gave me some strength.  I passed two guys just after that.  One was Todd Callahan.  I have much respect for that dude's racing.  Todd took two cups of water and my cotton mouth didn't appreciate that too much.  I yelled something like you had to take two?  We had just crossed the Wash St intersection.

I picked it up in the last mile.  I could feel the speed work w/ Gray paying off.  I just felt faster than in my previous races.  And I was b/c my last 2 miles were 5.16 and 6.18 (1.2).  I'm figuring the last mile had to be something like 5.13 b/c I ran the last .2 at JJ Ramble in 66.
Keepin it on The Level.  Photo by Krissy K.

Of course, over the last 1/2 mile I started thinking that I really should get Greg.  Why?  B/c dude just ran a marathon like two weeks ago.  If I can't kick him down, then that's just sad and I would have been pissed.  I was thinking that his legs have got be like concrete so go get him.  I finally came up on him at the last turn.  He didn't let me go.  He battled me a bit.  I was like damn this kid is tough.  I just barely eeked passed him.

In my mind Greg Putman was the CMS MVP of the day.  Putnam is a master and finished 2nd for us as a team.  That's bringing it.

I was happy w/ how I ran the race today but still think I can lower my time some.  I can build from this.  I ran intelligently and gleaned a bit of redemption from my Bedford blowup.  This was the first time this season I scored for CMS.  We took third (disappointing).  Had a good cool down w/ Jim Pawlicki with whom I always appreciate talking shop.  I was  very happy for Double-D who ran a great race and Jason Porter ran well too coming off his VCM performance.  Joe Navas and I caught up and conducted a Level Renner interview w/ Joseph Koetch.  Look for that on the LR website in the next 24-48 hrs.

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