Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Week in Running: 6.11 to 6.17.12

Monday - 10 in 78:44
Guess on mileage.  Going easy.  Replaying/reflecting on Newton 10k.  No pressure run.
Tuesday - 10.75 in 79:00
Easy run on Moose Hill trails w/ special guest Jim Pawlicki and Ben Nephew.
Wednesday - 11.5 in 81:14
Started to feel good after a couple easy days recovering from Sunday's race.  No splits but I was going pretty good.  Misty rain.
Thursday - 10.5 in 78:16
Did about 25 minutes of natural fartlek work.  Surprised to see a 6.23 ending mile.  Didn't think I was going that fast.  The fartlek must've gotten me going.
Friday - 2.25
Shakeout after lifting.
Saturday - 20 in 2:25.49
Planned on 17 but felt great so added on another 3.  Beautiful running weather.  My right calf has been feeling a little funky since Thursday night (sore/slight strain?) so I kept the pace conservative at the start.  My last 3 were 6.36, 6.32, 6.28.  Personal newsflash: a 20 mile run is not a big deal.
Sunday - 9.75 in 78:22
Going easy.  Right calf is still a little off at the start of today's run but was okay by the middle.  This could've been ten miles.  The course isn't measured and I was taking it easy.

For the Week
74 3/4 miles
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: One of my higher mileage weeks for the year.  Had the usual postrace stiffness for the first half of the week.  I was still stiff on Wednesday but the legs were ready to go and that was probably my best weekday run of the week.  After previewing Lesley Hocking's article for the next issue of Level Renner, I did  some natural fartlek work on Thursday.  I enjoyed doing it b/c it took the pressure away from a speed session.  Saturday: I felt great.

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