Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Week in Running: May 28 to June 3.2012

Monday - 11.5 in 89.50
Workout with Kevin Gray.
3 x 1/4, 1/4, 1/2 w/ 200-600 rec depending on the interval
70, 73, 2.31; 72, 73, 2.33; 73, 74, 2.34
Splits were a little slower than I wanted but Kevin ran great and blitzed the last 1/2 leaving me in the dust.  He's pretty fit right now.  Although slower than I wanted, I worked very hard in the humidity and know that I improved my speed today, which was the goal.  I had the "I'm going to hurl" feeling in my stomach.
Tuesday - 5.75
Ran before work due to other stuff going on.  Slow.
Wednesday - 13.75 in 89.25
Killed this tempo run.  Felt good from the start.  Opened in 7.05, 6.28, 6.14.  Closed in 6.03, 6.15, 5.51.  Middle mile split in 5.57.  Going after it today and hit a sub 6.00 final mile while redlining.
Thursday - 11 in 76.23
Solid day.  6.32 ending mile and felt like 7.00.  Just cruising.  Feeling fit.
Friday - 2.25 
Shakeout after lifting.
Saturday - 17.5 in 2.06.31
6.5 mile "warmup," 3-2-1 mile hard w/ 2 min rec, 5 mile "cooldown"
It was pouring at times but my mind was set on doing this one and I executed it.  I ran the pickups on grass fields via perceived effort.  I was working hard.  There is something about running in the rain that makes you feel extra dedicated.
Sunday - 10 in 80.37
This might be long but I was going easy.  7.20 ending split but this was basically a "watchless" run.

For the Week
71 3/4 miles
2 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: This was a great week of training.  3 high quality days: Mon, Wed, Sat.  Pleased w/ the effort on each one of them.  I think a 4 day work week helped make for quality runs.  Looking forward to the Newton 10k.  I want to beat some guys that beat me in Bedford.  Let's kick it back to the CMS 2010 theme song: "Let the bodies hit the floor."

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