Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week in Running: 7.16 to 7.22.12

Monday - 7 miles
Last day in Drexel Hill.  Long trip home.
Tuesday - 8 miles
Easy day at Adams Farm.  Chiro visit post run.  The ab problem could be a sports hernia - about 5% chance according to Mika.  Not a big deal b/c treatment is nearly identical for strain and hernia.  He thinks that I can run through this as resting this injury may not help it.  It may crop right up again after a prolonged absence from running.
Wednesday - 15.5 miles
After two easy days, I was ready to go.  It was so hot and and even more humid.  Ran aggressively from mile 3 on.  Miles 9 - 12 were most intense.  Last 5k a real struggle. I'm so freaking lazy.  I should've dropped water the night before this run b/c I knew it was going to be humid. But I didn't.  And I paid for it.  Freaking dumb.
Thursday - 10 miles
Easy on trails.
Friday - planned off
The ab strain prevents me from doing ab work and core work.  That bothers me.
Saturday - 20.5 in 2:26
Mileage is an estimate as it was mostly on trail.  Ending 3: 6:50, 6:46, 6:46.  Felt good.  Gorgeous weather.
Sunday - 8
Easy.  The lower left ab got sore/tight in the last mile.  It was sorer than it had been but I was halfway anticipating that after y'day's 20 spot.

For the Week
68 1/2 miles
2 days of leg corework
Analysis: I'm going to try to run through this lower ab strain.  I can't do hills or get on the track but I can get in two, maybe three, quality days per week.  Those qualities days will be medium to long and at a tempo pace.  May try progression runs too.  Dave Dunham (or anybody else): what would you do if you were in my boat?  I'm guessing you've sailed in this boat before.  Last note: I wanted my mileage to be up around 80 at this point...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week in Running: 7.9 to 7.15.12

Monday – 12.75 ~90 minutes
I lost my watch at the beach.  Apparently, a wave slipped it right off the wrist.  Didn’t even notice it.  I looked at the oven clock when I left and when I returned.  About 90 minutes elapsed.  Felt pretty good.  It was humid and rainy.  No discomfort in lower left ab/hip.

Tuesday – 7 ~53 min
Easy run.  Pain returns to the lower left ab region.

Wednesday – 7 53:08
Borrowed Dave’s watch.  Slow and Easy.  Discomfort still present.

Thursday – 17 ½ in 2:10.13
Borrowed Dave’s watch.  Accidental Long Run.  Big loop in the Avalon/Sea Isle City region and Rt 9.  Thought it would be more like a dozen.  Nope.   I was able to manage the pain.  It wasn’t bad today.

Friday – 5 in 41:38
Easy run.  Discomfort more pronounced.

Saturday – planned off
Return from Jersey Shore vacation; visiting the PA family.

Sunday- 15 ¾ in ~1:53
Don’t know about the time but do know that I ran the second half of this puppy hard.  Sub 6 for sure.  Started easy then found some people to chase on Forbidden Drive.  That’s what’s great about the out-n-back nature of this run.  You can go get people.

For the Week
64 ¼ miles
Analysis: With this lower left ab/hip flexor strain I’m learning that I’m only really able to run hard/long once in every three days.  Running in those between days is rather uncomfortable.  That’s how it is now, anyway.  I haven’t been able to do any ab work or plank work b/c those exercises aggravate the affected area.  I want to start my fall marathon build-up and am hoping I can get it done in this way.  Carver is also two weeks away.  I’m basically doing no speed and no hills right now. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Last Two Weeks in Running: 6.18 to 7.1.12

The last two weeks I've been a little busy with this for a free subscription
Jul/Aug 2012 edition
Couple that with a hip flexor/ab strain and a cutback week and the running has been subpar. A quick recap:
June 18 - 24
58 miles
Key workout was Wednesday in which I did 8x400 in the heat.
Second key workout was a semi-long run of just under 17 on Saturday.

On Friday I lifted (including abs) and on Sat the lower left ab, which had been a back burner niggle for a few weeks, worked its way up to the front of the stove.  On Sunday, it was still there.

On Monday (June 25), I ran w/ Ben in the afternoon.  We completed a solid 12 and that was after I did an easy 4 in the morning.  Probably my easiest 16 mile day ever.  Almost felt like cheating the miles.  Talked to Ben about the lower ab issue and he recommended laying off ab work.

On Tuesday, I had an appt w/ Mika.  His diagnosis: either a hip flexor strain or lower ab strain.  He worked me through a series of "tests" that were a wee bit painful. Finished up the session w/ stim and ice.  His recommendation: no speed, no hills for a while.  Abs take time.

After Mika's diagnosis, I decided to shut it down for a few days.  I took two days completely off.  The hardest thing about running is not running.  Then jogged 2 on Friday as a test.  Saturday: bike.  Sunday: 10 w/ Kevin Gray.

Things felt better on my run w/ Gray.  Better but not quite there yet.  I'm trying to nip this thing in the bud but it's hard when all I want to do is run.  I want to get going w/ my marathon buildup and right now that plan is stalled.  Still gotta remind myself constantly: the summer is young.  I have plenty of time to put in quality miles.  Patience grasshopper.