Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week in Running: 7.16 to 7.22.12

Monday - 7 miles
Last day in Drexel Hill.  Long trip home.
Tuesday - 8 miles
Easy day at Adams Farm.  Chiro visit post run.  The ab problem could be a sports hernia - about 5% chance according to Mika.  Not a big deal b/c treatment is nearly identical for strain and hernia.  He thinks that I can run through this as resting this injury may not help it.  It may crop right up again after a prolonged absence from running.
Wednesday - 15.5 miles
After two easy days, I was ready to go.  It was so hot and and even more humid.  Ran aggressively from mile 3 on.  Miles 9 - 12 were most intense.  Last 5k a real struggle. I'm so freaking lazy.  I should've dropped water the night before this run b/c I knew it was going to be humid. But I didn't.  And I paid for it.  Freaking dumb.
Thursday - 10 miles
Easy on trails.
Friday - planned off
The ab strain prevents me from doing ab work and core work.  That bothers me.
Saturday - 20.5 in 2:26
Mileage is an estimate as it was mostly on trail.  Ending 3: 6:50, 6:46, 6:46.  Felt good.  Gorgeous weather.
Sunday - 8
Easy.  The lower left ab got sore/tight in the last mile.  It was sorer than it had been but I was halfway anticipating that after y'day's 20 spot.

For the Week
68 1/2 miles
2 days of leg corework
Analysis: I'm going to try to run through this lower ab strain.  I can't do hills or get on the track but I can get in two, maybe three, quality days per week.  Those qualities days will be medium to long and at a tempo pace.  May try progression runs too.  Dave Dunham (or anybody else): what would you do if you were in my boat?  I'm guessing you've sailed in this boat before.  Last note: I wanted my mileage to be up around 80 at this point...


Greg said...

Justin Fyffe, George Adams, Bryan Johnston, and I think Bob Wiles have all had that problem. You can definitely run through it, the pain will come and go. Those guys can do light ab work. Run a few weeks before you try that. Good luck.

double-d said...

I've never had a problem like that and I've never done any ab work (that may be very obvious). I would let pain be your guide but avoid trying to "make up" for mileage on your other days. A great x-training workout would be water running (aqua-jogging). I've come back very quickly by putting in a lot of time in the water. Good luck!

KG said...

Thanks Greg and Dave. Much appreciated.

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