Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week in Running: 7.9 to 7.15.12

Monday – 12.75 ~90 minutes
I lost my watch at the beach.  Apparently, a wave slipped it right off the wrist.  Didn’t even notice it.  I looked at the oven clock when I left and when I returned.  About 90 minutes elapsed.  Felt pretty good.  It was humid and rainy.  No discomfort in lower left ab/hip.

Tuesday – 7 ~53 min
Easy run.  Pain returns to the lower left ab region.

Wednesday – 7 53:08
Borrowed Dave’s watch.  Slow and Easy.  Discomfort still present.

Thursday – 17 ½ in 2:10.13
Borrowed Dave’s watch.  Accidental Long Run.  Big loop in the Avalon/Sea Isle City region and Rt 9.  Thought it would be more like a dozen.  Nope.   I was able to manage the pain.  It wasn’t bad today.

Friday – 5 in 41:38
Easy run.  Discomfort more pronounced.

Saturday – planned off
Return from Jersey Shore vacation; visiting the PA family.

Sunday- 15 ¾ in ~1:53
Don’t know about the time but do know that I ran the second half of this puppy hard.  Sub 6 for sure.  Started easy then found some people to chase on Forbidden Drive.  That’s what’s great about the out-n-back nature of this run.  You can go get people.

For the Week
64 ¼ miles
Analysis: With this lower left ab/hip flexor strain I’m learning that I’m only really able to run hard/long once in every three days.  Running in those between days is rather uncomfortable.  That’s how it is now, anyway.  I haven’t been able to do any ab work or plank work b/c those exercises aggravate the affected area.  I want to start my fall marathon build-up and am hoping I can get it done in this way.  Carver is also two weeks away.  I’m basically doing no speed and no hills right now. 

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