Thursday, July 11, 2013

Latest Issue of Level Renner is Out

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday - 11.5 in 79.39
Warm, upper 60s, temps got me in a groove.  Embedded 25 min tempo run.  Felt great.

Tuesday - 6 
Easy day.

Wednesday - 10.25 in 79:58
4 x 800, 400
Felt fast today.  Jogged to the track for my warm-up.  Low and behold, a track meet was happening.  Damn.  Had to adjust on the fly.  Did the workout on a flat, gravel road.  Ran on time.  2.40 for the "800" and 1.20 for the "400."  Ran in flats.  This was exactly the turnover workout I needed.  I worked hard and got the pistons firing.

Thursday - 10 in 74.53
Normal 10 mile loop at the farm.  Not dead after y'day so that's good.

PT leg exercises and strengthening.

Saturday - 18 in 2.08.48
Good long run.  Felt good throughout.  Never fatigued that bad and certainly didn't hit the wall.  Spent the afternoon/evening hanging w/ EJN et al at the Marathon Expo and Marathon Sports Party.  Good times.

Sunday - 10.25 
Easy run.  Incorporated 4 strides on grass.

For the Week
66 miles
Analysis:  Good week.  Feel like I'm getting in shape.  Looking for another good one next week.  The Wednesday/Saturday runs are signs that my training is headed in the right direction.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

This Week in Running: 4.1 to 4.6.13

Monday - 11 in 76 mins
Got caught in a sideways rainstorm but I felt great and didn't give lick.  Trail Run.
Tuesday - 6 in 46 mins
Easy day.
Wednesday - 10 in 70 mins
2 x 10 min w/ 2 min recovery then 1 x 5 min
Ran on trail/road combo; did the pickups at a comfortably hard effort
Thursday - 10 in 76 mins
Not a slow trail run
Friday - pt exercises and strengthening at the gym
Saturday - 17 in 2:02.58
This run didn't come easy and the weather didn't help. Cold and windy.  I thought this was April.
Sunday - 10 in 79 mins
Felt good.  I may have run more than 10 miles.

For the week: 64 miles
Analysis: Good first week in the training block.  Would've liked it to be a touch warmer; it is April after all.  The Wednesday workout went well and I'm looking forward to stepping on the track this upcoming week.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Last Two Weeks: 3.18 to 3.31.13

The last two weeks have been some planned downtime.  Objective: take a planned break from running instead of running until something breaks down.  This is part of my 2013 resolution.  So, the last two weeks I have taken days off and completed casual runs.  I have continued to do PT/core/strengthening work with mostly my body weight during this time. Total mileage: 45 ¾ miles.

I’m excited for this next training block: April 1 to July 4.  I want to start running fast again and have charted out a plan that includes one workout per week dedicated to speed training and VO2Max improvement.  I’ve spent the last several months building back from the ab injury.  The base has been good but the speed has been not.  Part of the plan also includes racing my way back into shape.  For me, racing provides a stimulus that is often hard to mimic in solo training sessions.  I’m looking forward to mixing up this spring and summer.

Must continue to be smart.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week in Running: 3.11 to 3.17.13

11 in 77:54
First mile was around 8:00; last 6:38.  2 x 10 min moderate pickups w/ 3 min rec between each.  Warm outside.  Ran in shorts.  Felt okay.  Not great.  Happy to see my ending pace (cruising) was about the same as one of my pickup splits (into the wind).

5 in 51:14
Snowshoe run.  As a tweeted at the time, "nearly impossible snowshoe run today. watery mashed potatoes w/ a side of dirt."

10.25 in 76:16
Hill loop workout: 3x3min hard w/ 2 min recFelt like I got a good training stimulus on this one.  Got into a hard groove.

8 in 66:44
Not so much is a groove today.  Tried running some trails but they were slow in parts (snow covered still).  Felt tired and slow today.  This sometimes happens after a good, hard workout the previous day.

gym.  complete PT regiment including some strength training.

5-ish in 45-ish
4 strides in last mile
On the roads in the 0500s - on a Saturday.  Did what I could in the time that I had.  I didn't feel like waking up in the 0400s 6 days in a row.

New Bedford Half Marathon
place 108
pace: 5:54
1,2 - 11.54
3 - 6.06
4 - 6.03
5 - 5.41
6 - 5.40
7 - 5.38
8 - 5.50
9 - 5.48
10, 11 - 11.57
12 - 5.59
13 - 6.01
.1 - 37

Analysis: Executed the game plan: started conservatively.  Didn't finish as strong as I would've liked but that 20k hill is killer coupled w/ the wind.  Still no excuses.  Felt good in the middle miles and enjoyed running w/ my teammate Jim Pawlicki and then Jeff Goupil.  I ran w/ a gu and took it just before 10.  First time I ever did that in a half and I didn't regret it.  Running w/ one in my hand didn't bother me at all.  Felt much better than during Amherst 3 weeks ago.  No GI issues and my body just felt in better shape even though my time was about 4 minutes slower than last year.  I missed a lot of time from July to Nov last year and I'm paying the piper for that, but I'm going to keep grinding until I get to where I know I can be.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.25 to 3.3.13 and 3.4 to 3.10.13

Last two weeks of training.  This is as close as I'll get to a Moulton Brothers running log.

2.25 to 3.3
Monday - 7 miles in 65:54. sore
Tuesday - 5.5 miles. snowshoe.
Wednesday - 10.75 in 77:05. treadmill.
Thursday - 10.75 in 84:44. long strides @ end.
Friday - sick.
Saturday - 5.75. sick
Sunday - 9.75 in 75:47. feeling a little better.
Week - 49 1/2 miles
Analysis: Bad week. Sore from Amherst then a stomach bug to end it.

3.4 to 3.10
Monday - 8.25 in 73:22. dead and now a head cold.
Tuesday - off. not feeling well.
Wednesday - 11 in 81:51. 6x80 sec hard. 4x40 sec hard. good.  glad I took y'day off.
Thursday - 10.25 in 71:59,. treadmill death march.
Friday - off. moved a lot of snow around.
Saturday - 17 in 2:02.29. great run.
Sunday - 9.25 in 69:54. easy day.
Week - 55 3/4 miles.
Analysis: Ugly start. Good finish.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March/April Edition of Level Renner

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.18 to 2.24.13

12 in 89:xx
This run wasn't much fun.  I could get used to the temps but the wind was horrendous.  Wind chill must've been under 0.  Some of the roads were basically unplowed because the wind blew the snowbanks back onto the street.  Couldn't get any type of pace going.  The ground was frozen solid.  Running on this type of terrain, I believe, is what led to my plantar fascia issues of 2011.  I'm trying to be smarter (new year's resolution), so I modified the loop and ran the last 3.5 indoors.
6 in 51:03
This was my first official run in Dion Snowshoes.  It was so much more fun than yesterday.  It was nice and quiet in the woods and the trees helped block the wind.  Also nice not to concern myself with pace.  Today is a light/easy/recovery day.
11.75 in 80:40
Good day.  Tempo pace for miles 3 through 10.  I was working on pacing.  The first two were into the wind and were 6.50, 6.37.  Oh boy.  I'm out of shape.  Effort felt much faster than that.  On the way back, I started to feel better and (or because?) I had the wind at my back.  For the last three I wanted to go hard, easy up but not too much, then hard again.  Splits: 6.05, 6:31, 5.54.  Pumped to get the sub 6:00 clocking b/c I was in control and paying attention to form.  As I am working my way back into shape, I am trying to recalibrate my body to appropriate pacing.  That's why I let the foot of the gas for that middle mile on the way back.  Note: I ran this tempo in the NB 1400.  I plan on making this my racing shoe and wanted to make sure it and I will be ready for Amherst.
8 in 65:xx
First 40 mins on snowshoes then did the rest on the roads.  Felt fine.
planned off
PT Exercises and strengthening at the gym.
Legs had some pop in them prerun.  That was exciting.  I incorporated 6 strides into the last mile.
14 miles
 DH Jones 10 mile race in Amherst.
Not pretty.

For the Week
60 1/4 miles
Analysis: A good week of training that ended with a rude awakening in Amherst.  I got work to do but I'm still building something here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.11 to 2.17.13

11.5 in 80-ish
Workout: 10x2 min hard w/ 1 min recovery
The 2 mins of hard was at 5:52 pace.  The 1 min recovery was at 6:40 pace.  This was a good workout and I was looking forward to it.  A positive mindset always helps.  About a 5 mi warm-up and 1.25 mi cooldown.  The hard pace seems slow to me but the perceived effort was there.  I did this on the t'mill, so I'm hoping my "road" splits will/would be faster.
8 miles (in doubles)
0520: 4 easy
1200: 4 easy
Completed the full bevvy of PT exercises/strengtheners and putting ice/heat on the R plantar fascia.  As I write this (Tues night), it's a touch sore.  Will continue to monitor.
10 in 76:19
This run didn't go exactly as planned.  This day didn't go exactly planned.  I wanted a tempo 10 but could never get the gears moving the way I wanted them to.  This wasn't an easy run but it certainly wasn't a quick one either.  I ran a section in the woods and it was exhausting.  That little bit bonked me.
7 in 57:23
I was done with this run at 0500.  I woke up at 0330 to get it done, so I could have the afternoon with the family.  We went sledding and made pizza together.  Good day.
planned off
Went to the gym to do PT exercises and strengthening work.  Started doing pull/chin ups again and the ab was fine.  Good sign.  From the gym, went to the chiro for him to do some maintenance on the R plantar fascia.  He loosened it up w/ some ART and Graston.  He also Granstoned both calves.
17.5 in 2:02.53
Great run.  Was mentally ready for this one.  Felt good from the gun.  The first split I took (around 36 mins) was 6:44.  Five miles later I was at 6:35.  Big fat snowflakes were falling all about it and it was fun.  I extended this run a little bit then got home and jumped on the t'mill for 4.5.  Started at 6:40 and brought it down to 6:10.  In the zone.  Getting fit.  Confidence builder.  The legs and feet felt good.
9 in 70.46
Easy, recovery run.  Looked outside and the snow was blowing sideways and old man winter looked down right furious.  Treadmill it is.  Note: the pacing on the treadmill feels so much harder.  Like 30 secs per mile harder.  7:30 feels like 7:00.  My t'mill is fairly new.  Is this normal?  Do I need to calibrate my body to the t'mill.

For the Week
63 miles
Analysis: Happy with the week.  Highest mileage total for the young year.  Because of the PF issues, I think I will keep the mileage around this # and continue to up the ante in terms of intensity. Looking for 3 high quality runs per week and filling in the rest w/ rest, recovery days.  Sounds like a plan.  7 days to Amherst. Oye.  Still don't feel like I'm in great shape.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.4 to 2.10.13

10 in 70:11
I'm starting my runs slower and slower these days and I'm trying not to care about it--as long as my workout paces remain the same (or are faster).  This was a fun run namely b/c I felt good.  At the 45 min mark I did 10x 1 min pickup 1 min recovery.  Pickups @ 6:00.  Recovery @ 6:40.  I would call this a mini or introductory workout.  I wore, for the first time, the new balance 1400's.  They are light and sweet.  These will become my racing sneakers, so I figured today would be a good day to break 'em in.  I felt a little fat wearing these comps, so no dessert tonight.
4.25 in 34:xx
This is a cutback week, so I reduced today's mileage by about 2.5.  Tuesday is almost always an easy/recovery day for me.
9.25 in 65:02
Even though I got started late, the bright clear skies held the sunlight until about 1730.  I got most of the run in on trail but still had to run on the headlamp for the last trail segment.  This was a great tempo run.  I was moving at a good clip for the last 35 mins or so.  I check my last mile split to see a 6:18.  Happy.  I was in control and feeling good.   We live for runs like this.
6.5 in 49:26
Oh no.  After going to bed on cloud 9 last night, this day threw me back to reality.  The wakeup was fine but as the day progressed my right foot got stiffer and stiffer.  I thought I could still run, but I was nervous leaving the house for another easy day.  It felt okay to bad.  Then it felt bad.  I cut the run a little short but was cursing myself for not cutting bait a couple miles earlier (when I had a chance for a direct route home).  Post run, the bottom of my foot was so tender I could hardly put any pressure on it with my spiked ball or massage stick.  I got crazy aggressive w/ the heat/ice contrast treatment and as I write this have a heat pack on my foot.  This night was spent in deep depression mode.  This plantar fasciatis flare up seemed to come out of no where or did.  Upon reflection...

  • I ran 10 quasi-hard miles in a new pair of racing flats on Monday.  Could that have led to the tightness?
  • A few weeks ago, I was suffering from a abnormally tight R calf.  Is the plantar pain a subsequent side-effect of that tweak?
  • I have a night split that keeps the foot dorsi-flexed.  Should have I been wearing that to bed every night?  I feel so damn romantic in that thing; I have to watch it.
planned off
Wow.  I woke up feeling so much better.  Was that b/c taking 7 advil in the last 12 hours helped or had my prayers been answered?  Either way, I am super thankful and in a tremendous mood.  I turn to Jen and say, "Maybe I should..." She cuts me off, "Don't even think about it....If you do, don't complain to me..." She's right.  I take the day and try to be smart.  This is my new year's resolution after all.  No work today, so I could pro-active and called the chiro.  Apparently, everyone was cancelling so he could fit me in.  He checked out the foot and did an little ART on it.  He reminds me that so many injuries occur in the winter b/c the ground has no give to it.  He's right.  In 2011 I had a horrible case of PF and I attribute it to 70+ miles per week on frozen solid terra firma.  Terra muy firma.  I remember those runs and feeling like my feet were cinder block bricks.  I will try not to repeat history and even if that means running 10+ fewer miles per week.
There is good news here.  Doc said the flare up felt was tight but not crazy so.  Hopefully, he released it a little more.  He thinks we nipped it in the bud.  Feels that way.  It doesn't feel perfect, but I'll be PT'ing it all day.
11 in 82:xx
This was a treadmill run. I was monitoring the pf on the R foot closely.  Everything was cool.  I am so thankful for that.  Ended up having a good run while watching Pulp Fiction w/ the liner notes.  Whole new appreciation for that film after that.  Back to the foot: I started off easy (8:30) and worked it down to a respectable pace (7:00).  After the run, I grabbed a handful of trail mix and headed outside to clear the driveway.  That turned out to be a good double.  Actually triple.  Workout 1: the run.  Workout 2: the driveway.  Workout 3: the driveway (finishing touches).  Tired but content.
8.25 in 67:13
This was an investigation run.  I wanted to see how the roads were.  They are fair to midland.  Some are better than others, but I will tell you this: it's going to be hard to do any type of uptempo running on the roads for a while.  They are slick and the snowbanks are high.  Real high.  I could feel the pf of the R foot a little bit, perhaps precipitated by the slippery and frozen roads.  Slippery roads tend to tighten my calves. I need to watch then.  As a result, I'll likely run on the treadmill for my uptempo stuff this week.

For the Week
49 1/4 miles
Analysis: This was a planned cutback week.  I'm okay w/ the mileage #.  The major scare of Thursday w/ the plantar fascia flare up has dulled to just a concern.  I've been "all over it." Ice, heat, message, repeat.  I must continue to monitor as I try to get my butt ready for the Jones 10 Miler in Amherst.  I got two weeks.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Week in Running: 1.28 to 2.3.13

10.75 in 85:10
This was a grind.  Had high hopes but the body wasn't going as fast as I wanted.  It was snowing, light at first then heavier.  Snow covered trails probably slowed things down for me a bit.  That and the pending darkness.  Had to rearrange the route a little bit to avoid the light depriving bowers.
5.75 in 45:03
Easy run.  Mid-30s felt downright balmy.  Felt better today than yesterday.  Running half as far helps, I suppose.  Had to consciously tell myself not to add-on to this loop b/c I was feeling good and wanted today to be a true easy/recovery day.  Train w/ a purpose, dudes.
10 in 70:03
Did this right after work from work w/ Martin and Tony.  Near 60 degrees.  Wind gusts had to be near 60 mph.  Good pace throughout.  Fastest at end.
7 in 53:55
Easy day.  I've been feeling best on my easy days this week.  Is that b/c I know they're easy days?
1.25 miles
Alter-G trial, baby.  What fun.  Good times w/ the Level Renner crew.  I've never been to the moon but I imagine that this Alter-G experience would be what it would feel like.  I could immediately tell the benefits this would have for somebody coming back from an injury.  No pounding but the cardiovascular stimulus was certainly there.  Please note: that is not a picture of me on The G.
15.25 in 2:02.07
Most fun on a run I've had all week.  Out there w/ Joe Navas and Kevin Gray.  We had a good 2 hour conversation that left me wanting more.  We were on trail for the whole run.
9.5 in 69:32
Easy Sunday run.  I felt great.  I did this run 5+ minutes faster than last week and I wasn't even trying.  I guess things are looking up.

For the Week
59 1/2 miles
Analysis: I'm still doing PT exercises related to the ab injury, which is almost completely gone. Still monitoring for safety's sake.  The R calf is also getting better to the point where I'm going sans calf compression sleeves for easier runs.  Next week: I'm looking to add some intensity.  It's a scheduled cutback week so I'm thinking it's also a good time to maybe do some 1 min on/offs and a progression run.  Giant Cogs Turn.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2012 in Miles

Here's what my uneven year of running looks like in sum.  Damn injuries.  I've resolved myself to keep the mileage in check this year in an effort to stay healthy and running consistently.  Trying to get away from 280 mile months followed by 43 mile months.

Jan - 272.75
Feb - 288.25
Mar - 262.75
Apr - 212.75
May - 343.75
Jun - 231.25
Jul - 214
Aug - 45.75
Sep - 31.75
Oct - 28.25
Nov - 144.75
Dec - 228.5 (this month includes almost a full week of Jan 2013; it's an OCD thing I have w/ my running log and what day of the week the new year begins).

2012 Miles for the Year = 2304 1/2 (dates 1.2.2012 to 1.6.13)

Miles for the Calendar Year = 2265 1/2 (dates 1.2.2012 to 12.31.2012)

Last 5 years
2011 - 1983.75
2010 - 2858.10
2009 - 2358.10
2008 - 2523.85
2007 - 651.55

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Week in Running 1.21 to 1.27.13

11 miles in 81.11
Got out before 0700.  Air was crisp and clean.  Felt good throughout the run but kept the reins on for the sake of the R calf, which is feeling better.  I think I'm being smart about this.  The time is nothing to write home about. The plan is to post times (even if slightly embarrassing) and watch the construction of a fitter, stronger, better self.
9.5 in 75:19
Jen got home early so I was able to get most of this run done in the daylight.  It also allowed me to run on trails for an extra couple of miles.  It was cold but awesome.  Caught myself saying outloud, "I love this run." On the way home, a fellow runner coming at me held out his hand for a high five.  I have no idea who this man is.  Brotherhood.
8.75 in 64:30
Did this on the treadmill.  Calf felt tighter on the t'mill than the road so I kept the pace moderate and shortened the distance.  Trying to be smart.
5.5 in 45:45
Frigid.  Ran w/ Kevin Grey.  That helped.  Did I mention it was cold?
Planned off day.  PT regimen at the gym.
15 in 1:57
Cold morning.  Dusting of snow on the trails.  Ran w/ Grey and Dave Conforto.  We went easy but the miles clicked by and we were done before it felt like drudgery.
9.5 in 75:37
Same route as Tuesday w/ maybe a few minor detours.  I can't remember.  The streams and permanent puddle spots that were only semi-frozen on Tues were completely frozen today.  It's still cold.

For the Week
59 1/4 miles
Analysis: That mileage # isn't bad for this point in my training.  I've been in low 50s for the last few weeks, so to see this jump was cool.  I'm still going easy in an effort to protect the R calf.  I'm nursing that thing.  Because I don't want setbacks.  Sticking to the resolution: willing to sacrifice miles to stay healthy.  I don't feel anywhere near race shape.  I also think I need to drop a few lbs...or is that just my winter blubber protecting me from the cold?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Week in Running: 1.14 to 1.20.13

Trying to get back at it...

10 miles
This run took me almost 80 minutes. It was dark. I was in the trails.  I ran w/ the headlamp, but that still limits the pace.  The good news here is that I ran in shorts and a T shirt and it was mid-January.
6.75 miles
Easy run on trails again.
8 miles
Not what I was hoping.  Couldn't get moving.  It was cold and wet, pretty much the opposite of Monday.  I wasn't feeling good in the stomach; that didn't help matters.  Didn't hit pace or mileage goals.  These are the dog days of winter.
Maintenance run.
Chiro visit to work on the tight right calf and ab.
14 miles
This is my long run at the moment.  I felt good, but I'm still going slow.
9 miles
Ran along the Charles River.  Running there always makes me happy.  Then I went to the GBTC Invitational with my main man, EJN.

For the Week
53 miles
Analysis: Trying to be smart.  Trying to stay healthy.  Trying to be patient.  Just keep putting that hay in the barn.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The latest issue of Level Renner has just dropped.  Enjoy!