Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Week in Running: 1.28 to 2.3.13

10.75 in 85:10
This was a grind.  Had high hopes but the body wasn't going as fast as I wanted.  It was snowing, light at first then heavier.  Snow covered trails probably slowed things down for me a bit.  That and the pending darkness.  Had to rearrange the route a little bit to avoid the light depriving bowers.
5.75 in 45:03
Easy run.  Mid-30s felt downright balmy.  Felt better today than yesterday.  Running half as far helps, I suppose.  Had to consciously tell myself not to add-on to this loop b/c I was feeling good and wanted today to be a true easy/recovery day.  Train w/ a purpose, dudes.
10 in 70:03
Did this right after work from work w/ Martin and Tony.  Near 60 degrees.  Wind gusts had to be near 60 mph.  Good pace throughout.  Fastest at end.
7 in 53:55
Easy day.  I've been feeling best on my easy days this week.  Is that b/c I know they're easy days?
1.25 miles
Alter-G trial, baby.  What fun.  Good times w/ the Level Renner crew.  I've never been to the moon but I imagine that this Alter-G experience would be what it would feel like.  I could immediately tell the benefits this would have for somebody coming back from an injury.  No pounding but the cardiovascular stimulus was certainly there.  Please note: that is not a picture of me on The G.
15.25 in 2:02.07
Most fun on a run I've had all week.  Out there w/ Joe Navas and Kevin Gray.  We had a good 2 hour conversation that left me wanting more.  We were on trail for the whole run.
9.5 in 69:32
Easy Sunday run.  I felt great.  I did this run 5+ minutes faster than last week and I wasn't even trying.  I guess things are looking up.

For the Week
59 1/2 miles
Analysis: I'm still doing PT exercises related to the ab injury, which is almost completely gone. Still monitoring for safety's sake.  The R calf is also getting better to the point where I'm going sans calf compression sleeves for easier runs.  Next week: I'm looking to add some intensity.  It's a scheduled cutback week so I'm thinking it's also a good time to maybe do some 1 min on/offs and a progression run.  Giant Cogs Turn.

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Muddy Puddin' said...

Alter-G looks/sounds awesome. Buy one for the "LVL Headquarters" in Norwood so I can come and play.

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