Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.11 to 2.17.13

11.5 in 80-ish
Workout: 10x2 min hard w/ 1 min recovery
The 2 mins of hard was at 5:52 pace.  The 1 min recovery was at 6:40 pace.  This was a good workout and I was looking forward to it.  A positive mindset always helps.  About a 5 mi warm-up and 1.25 mi cooldown.  The hard pace seems slow to me but the perceived effort was there.  I did this on the t'mill, so I'm hoping my "road" splits will/would be faster.
8 miles (in doubles)
0520: 4 easy
1200: 4 easy
Completed the full bevvy of PT exercises/strengtheners and putting ice/heat on the R plantar fascia.  As I write this (Tues night), it's a touch sore.  Will continue to monitor.
10 in 76:19
This run didn't go exactly as planned.  This day didn't go exactly planned.  I wanted a tempo 10 but could never get the gears moving the way I wanted them to.  This wasn't an easy run but it certainly wasn't a quick one either.  I ran a section in the woods and it was exhausting.  That little bit bonked me.
7 in 57:23
I was done with this run at 0500.  I woke up at 0330 to get it done, so I could have the afternoon with the family.  We went sledding and made pizza together.  Good day.
planned off
Went to the gym to do PT exercises and strengthening work.  Started doing pull/chin ups again and the ab was fine.  Good sign.  From the gym, went to the chiro for him to do some maintenance on the R plantar fascia.  He loosened it up w/ some ART and Graston.  He also Granstoned both calves.
17.5 in 2:02.53
Great run.  Was mentally ready for this one.  Felt good from the gun.  The first split I took (around 36 mins) was 6:44.  Five miles later I was at 6:35.  Big fat snowflakes were falling all about it and it was fun.  I extended this run a little bit then got home and jumped on the t'mill for 4.5.  Started at 6:40 and brought it down to 6:10.  In the zone.  Getting fit.  Confidence builder.  The legs and feet felt good.
9 in 70.46
Easy, recovery run.  Looked outside and the snow was blowing sideways and old man winter looked down right furious.  Treadmill it is.  Note: the pacing on the treadmill feels so much harder.  Like 30 secs per mile harder.  7:30 feels like 7:00.  My t'mill is fairly new.  Is this normal?  Do I need to calibrate my body to the t'mill.

For the Week
63 miles
Analysis: Happy with the week.  Highest mileage total for the young year.  Because of the PF issues, I think I will keep the mileage around this # and continue to up the ante in terms of intensity. Looking for 3 high quality runs per week and filling in the rest w/ rest, recovery days.  Sounds like a plan.  7 days to Amherst. Oye.  Still don't feel like I'm in great shape.


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I miss Beads of Sweat. Did you ever finish it?

Kevin Balance said...

Thanks! It's done. I should start posting it again.

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