Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.18 to 2.24.13

12 in 89:xx
This run wasn't much fun.  I could get used to the temps but the wind was horrendous.  Wind chill must've been under 0.  Some of the roads were basically unplowed because the wind blew the snowbanks back onto the street.  Couldn't get any type of pace going.  The ground was frozen solid.  Running on this type of terrain, I believe, is what led to my plantar fascia issues of 2011.  I'm trying to be smarter (new year's resolution), so I modified the loop and ran the last 3.5 indoors.
6 in 51:03
This was my first official run in Dion Snowshoes.  It was so much more fun than yesterday.  It was nice and quiet in the woods and the trees helped block the wind.  Also nice not to concern myself with pace.  Today is a light/easy/recovery day.
11.75 in 80:40
Good day.  Tempo pace for miles 3 through 10.  I was working on pacing.  The first two were into the wind and were 6.50, 6.37.  Oh boy.  I'm out of shape.  Effort felt much faster than that.  On the way back, I started to feel better and (or because?) I had the wind at my back.  For the last three I wanted to go hard, easy up but not too much, then hard again.  Splits: 6.05, 6:31, 5.54.  Pumped to get the sub 6:00 clocking b/c I was in control and paying attention to form.  As I am working my way back into shape, I am trying to recalibrate my body to appropriate pacing.  That's why I let the foot of the gas for that middle mile on the way back.  Note: I ran this tempo in the NB 1400.  I plan on making this my racing shoe and wanted to make sure it and I will be ready for Amherst.
8 in 65:xx
First 40 mins on snowshoes then did the rest on the roads.  Felt fine.
planned off
PT Exercises and strengthening at the gym.
Legs had some pop in them prerun.  That was exciting.  I incorporated 6 strides into the last mile.
14 miles
 DH Jones 10 mile race in Amherst.
Not pretty.

For the Week
60 1/4 miles
Analysis: A good week of training that ended with a rude awakening in Amherst.  I got work to do but I'm still building something here.

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Greg said...

Keep your chin up! You're healthy and training consistently, the times will come. Stay smart with you're running. Be careful with the "easy" snowshoe runs as you're working harder than you think on those things!

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