Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Week in Running: 2.4 to 2.10.13

10 in 70:11
I'm starting my runs slower and slower these days and I'm trying not to care about it--as long as my workout paces remain the same (or are faster).  This was a fun run namely b/c I felt good.  At the 45 min mark I did 10x 1 min pickup 1 min recovery.  Pickups @ 6:00.  Recovery @ 6:40.  I would call this a mini or introductory workout.  I wore, for the first time, the new balance 1400's.  They are light and sweet.  These will become my racing sneakers, so I figured today would be a good day to break 'em in.  I felt a little fat wearing these comps, so no dessert tonight.
4.25 in 34:xx
This is a cutback week, so I reduced today's mileage by about 2.5.  Tuesday is almost always an easy/recovery day for me.
9.25 in 65:02
Even though I got started late, the bright clear skies held the sunlight until about 1730.  I got most of the run in on trail but still had to run on the headlamp for the last trail segment.  This was a great tempo run.  I was moving at a good clip for the last 35 mins or so.  I check my last mile split to see a 6:18.  Happy.  I was in control and feeling good.   We live for runs like this.
6.5 in 49:26
Oh no.  After going to bed on cloud 9 last night, this day threw me back to reality.  The wakeup was fine but as the day progressed my right foot got stiffer and stiffer.  I thought I could still run, but I was nervous leaving the house for another easy day.  It felt okay to bad.  Then it felt bad.  I cut the run a little short but was cursing myself for not cutting bait a couple miles earlier (when I had a chance for a direct route home).  Post run, the bottom of my foot was so tender I could hardly put any pressure on it with my spiked ball or massage stick.  I got crazy aggressive w/ the heat/ice contrast treatment and as I write this have a heat pack on my foot.  This night was spent in deep depression mode.  This plantar fasciatis flare up seemed to come out of no where or did.  Upon reflection...

  • I ran 10 quasi-hard miles in a new pair of racing flats on Monday.  Could that have led to the tightness?
  • A few weeks ago, I was suffering from a abnormally tight R calf.  Is the plantar pain a subsequent side-effect of that tweak?
  • I have a night split that keeps the foot dorsi-flexed.  Should have I been wearing that to bed every night?  I feel so damn romantic in that thing; I have to watch it.
planned off
Wow.  I woke up feeling so much better.  Was that b/c taking 7 advil in the last 12 hours helped or had my prayers been answered?  Either way, I am super thankful and in a tremendous mood.  I turn to Jen and say, "Maybe I should..." She cuts me off, "Don't even think about it....If you do, don't complain to me..." She's right.  I take the day and try to be smart.  This is my new year's resolution after all.  No work today, so I could pro-active and called the chiro.  Apparently, everyone was cancelling so he could fit me in.  He checked out the foot and did an little ART on it.  He reminds me that so many injuries occur in the winter b/c the ground has no give to it.  He's right.  In 2011 I had a horrible case of PF and I attribute it to 70+ miles per week on frozen solid terra firma.  Terra muy firma.  I remember those runs and feeling like my feet were cinder block bricks.  I will try not to repeat history and even if that means running 10+ fewer miles per week.
There is good news here.  Doc said the flare up felt was tight but not crazy so.  Hopefully, he released it a little more.  He thinks we nipped it in the bud.  Feels that way.  It doesn't feel perfect, but I'll be PT'ing it all day.
11 in 82:xx
This was a treadmill run. I was monitoring the pf on the R foot closely.  Everything was cool.  I am so thankful for that.  Ended up having a good run while watching Pulp Fiction w/ the liner notes.  Whole new appreciation for that film after that.  Back to the foot: I started off easy (8:30) and worked it down to a respectable pace (7:00).  After the run, I grabbed a handful of trail mix and headed outside to clear the driveway.  That turned out to be a good double.  Actually triple.  Workout 1: the run.  Workout 2: the driveway.  Workout 3: the driveway (finishing touches).  Tired but content.
8.25 in 67:13
This was an investigation run.  I wanted to see how the roads were.  They are fair to midland.  Some are better than others, but I will tell you this: it's going to be hard to do any type of uptempo running on the roads for a while.  They are slick and the snowbanks are high.  Real high.  I could feel the pf of the R foot a little bit, perhaps precipitated by the slippery and frozen roads.  Slippery roads tend to tighten my calves. I need to watch then.  As a result, I'll likely run on the treadmill for my uptempo stuff this week.

For the Week
49 1/4 miles
Analysis: This was a planned cutback week.  I'm okay w/ the mileage #.  The major scare of Thursday w/ the plantar fascia flare up has dulled to just a concern.  I've been "all over it." Ice, heat, message, repeat.  I must continue to monitor as I try to get my butt ready for the Jones 10 Miler in Amherst.  I got two weeks.

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