Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week in Running: 3.11 to 3.17.13

11 in 77:54
First mile was around 8:00; last 6:38.  2 x 10 min moderate pickups w/ 3 min rec between each.  Warm outside.  Ran in shorts.  Felt okay.  Not great.  Happy to see my ending pace (cruising) was about the same as one of my pickup splits (into the wind).

5 in 51:14
Snowshoe run.  As a tweeted at the time, "nearly impossible snowshoe run today. watery mashed potatoes w/ a side of dirt."

10.25 in 76:16
Hill loop workout: 3x3min hard w/ 2 min recFelt like I got a good training stimulus on this one.  Got into a hard groove.

8 in 66:44
Not so much is a groove today.  Tried running some trails but they were slow in parts (snow covered still).  Felt tired and slow today.  This sometimes happens after a good, hard workout the previous day.

gym.  complete PT regiment including some strength training.

5-ish in 45-ish
4 strides in last mile
On the roads in the 0500s - on a Saturday.  Did what I could in the time that I had.  I didn't feel like waking up in the 0400s 6 days in a row.

New Bedford Half Marathon
place 108
pace: 5:54
1,2 - 11.54
3 - 6.06
4 - 6.03
5 - 5.41
6 - 5.40
7 - 5.38
8 - 5.50
9 - 5.48
10, 11 - 11.57
12 - 5.59
13 - 6.01
.1 - 37

Analysis: Executed the game plan: started conservatively.  Didn't finish as strong as I would've liked but that 20k hill is killer coupled w/ the wind.  Still no excuses.  Felt good in the middle miles and enjoyed running w/ my teammate Jim Pawlicki and then Jeff Goupil.  I ran w/ a gu and took it just before 10.  First time I ever did that in a half and I didn't regret it.  Running w/ one in my hand didn't bother me at all.  Felt much better than during Amherst 3 weeks ago.  No GI issues and my body just felt in better shape even though my time was about 4 minutes slower than last year.  I missed a lot of time from July to Nov last year and I'm paying the piper for that, but I'm going to keep grinding until I get to where I know I can be.

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