Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday - 11.5 in 79.39
Warm, upper 60s, temps got me in a groove.  Embedded 25 min tempo run.  Felt great.

Tuesday - 6 
Easy day.

Wednesday - 10.25 in 79:58
4 x 800, 400
Felt fast today.  Jogged to the track for my warm-up.  Low and behold, a track meet was happening.  Damn.  Had to adjust on the fly.  Did the workout on a flat, gravel road.  Ran on time.  2.40 for the "800" and 1.20 for the "400."  Ran in flats.  This was exactly the turnover workout I needed.  I worked hard and got the pistons firing.

Thursday - 10 in 74.53
Normal 10 mile loop at the farm.  Not dead after y'day so that's good.

PT leg exercises and strengthening.

Saturday - 18 in 2.08.48
Good long run.  Felt good throughout.  Never fatigued that bad and certainly didn't hit the wall.  Spent the afternoon/evening hanging w/ EJN et al at the Marathon Expo and Marathon Sports Party.  Good times.

Sunday - 10.25 
Easy run.  Incorporated 4 strides on grass.

For the Week
66 miles
Analysis:  Good week.  Feel like I'm getting in shape.  Looking for another good one next week.  The Wednesday/Saturday runs are signs that my training is headed in the right direction.

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Wow you did over 10 miles on your speed day? That'!

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