Sunday, January 5, 2014

This Week in Running 12.30.13 to 1.5.14

Update on my Achilles: it's feeling better but I am still being cautious with it. I wouldn't say it's 100% but it is better than last week.

Monday: cardio on bike/elliptical after traveling home from PA. 40 min total + PT work.
Tuesday: 35 mins non-running cardio then 30 mins running, 3.5 miles
Wednesday: 43 mins, 5.5 miles
Thursday: 50 mins, 6 miles
Friday: PT work and shoveling
Saturday: 72 mins, 9 miles
Sunday: 70 min, 8 miles (partially on snow)

32 miles for the week.

Analysis: I did all the runs at an easy pace.  Didn't take many splits.  Got 2 on Saturday: 7:45 and 7:04 on back to back miles.  Slushy roads made the pace inconsistent but my goal was to run these miles w/out a relapse.  I have been icing/heating/elevating/compressing the calf/Achilles faithfully every single day. I've been sleeping in a splint too. The Achilles can still get a little sore after running.  Is this normal? Do I need more days off? I'm not sure.  I also haven't pushed the pace. I feel like I'm walking a fine line between relapse and recovery.

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